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Europe has a little bit of everything, just met with architectural charm. With a wide variety of languages & visa options, choose what fits your needs. Keep in mind, no matter where you settle, the neighboring country is never too far or too expensive to visit.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Germany

Living Abroad
Thinking of Moving to Germany? Hamburg Should Be at the Top of Your List
When people think of visiting or moving to Germany, the top places tend to be Berlin, Munich, and maybe the Black Forest. But there’s another large city that I would highly recommend putting at the top of a person’s list: Hamburg. See why I fell in love with the city when I moved here years ago and why living in Hamburg might be your perfect expat destination.
Working Abroad
How to get a job with the American Red Cross Overseas
Interested in a job in the non-profit sector? Learn what the American Red Cross Overseas does and how you can get a job working for them. Understand the requirements and what it takes to get hired to work for the American Red Cross.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Spain

Living Abroad
An Expat Guide to Living in Madrid
Are you thinking about moving to Spain but are unsure about where you would like to move? Find out why expats loving living abroad in Madrid and why you would love living here, too!
Working Abroad
Being a Spanish Auxiliar: How to Unlock Your Best Life Abroad
Wondering what it’s really like being a Spanish Auxiliar and what it takes to become one? Understand the requirements to become an Auxiliar and the 6 steps it takes to make it happen. Get insider tips on how to make the smoothest transition to work part-time in Spain.
Working Abroad
Gone Working in Spain with BEDA
Open to many nationalities and not as strict as other programs, teach English in Spain with BEDA. I work as a English Language Assistant for a program called BEDA, which stands for Bilingual English Development & Assessment.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for France

Working Abroad
7 Things to Know Before You Become an Au Pair in Paris, France
Find out how to become an au pair in Paris. Know the pros and cons to being an au pair and how to find the best family for you! There are a lot of benefits to being an au pair in Paris but see if it's right for you!

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Hungary

Working Abroad
Spend Your Summer in Budapest as a Party Promoter
Itching for a wild summer of partying in one of Europe's hottest destinations? See how you can get hired by PartyBookers and spend your summer on boat parties, pub crawls, and so much more.
Working Abroad
4 Big Tips to Teach English Abroad in Budapest
Live and work in Budapest, Hungary! Find out how you can teach English abroad in Budapest or other cities in Hungary. Leave the hard work to them and get a job through the Central European Teaching Program.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for the Czech Republic

Working Abroad
How to Find a Job Teaching English in Prague
Get advice to teach English abroad in the Czech Republic. Find out the requirements to teaching English in Prague and how to get a job. Make the process even easier with the Youth Mobility Visa for Canadians to work in the Czech Republic.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Ireland

Living Abroad
7 Things to Know About Living in Dublin, Ireland
Planning a move to Dublin? Get these 7 insider tips from a current expat to make your move abroad as stress free as possible. Settle into life in Ireland by getting a job, finding a house and getting to know the social scene.
Working Abroad
An Insider's Guide to Getting Hired & Working at Apple's HQ in Ireland
Interested in working abroad at the European Headquarters for Apple in Ireland? Find out how to work for one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Get ready to move about to Cork Ireland and work in the tech industry with Apple.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Italy

Travel Guides
10 Best Day Trips From Florence, Italy
Enjoy Tuscany by exploring it's many picturesque towns, cities, and vineyards. There are so many amazing day trips from Florence that on this list, I've narrowed down the 10 best day trips from Florence that you should add to your Italy itinerary!
Living Abroad
Expat Life in Northern Italy
Welcome to La Dolce Vita! While Italian life certainly can often live up to these movie-set levels of glamour, life as an expat here is not all smooth sailing. But what Italy may lack in organisational skills, it easily makes up for in sheer natural beauty and rich, unique culture.
Living Abroad
A Beginner's Guide to Living Abroad in Florence, Italy
Want to move abroad to Italy? Find out what life is like for expats in Florence, Italy. Learn about the best places for expats in Florence & what it's really like living there.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for The Netherlands

Living Abroad
Moving to the Netherlands: Utrecht vs. Rotterdam
Learn the pros and cons of living in 2 of the Netherlands largest cities as expats. Check out the cost of living, fun things to do in each city and how to find a job in the Netherlands to choose if Utrecht or Rotterdam is the right place for you to move.
Living Abroad
Expat Living In Groningen, Netherlands: 6 Things To Know
Moving to Groningen, Netherlands but don't know what to expect? Here's some basic knowledge that everyone should have before they start living in Groningen.
Working Abroad
A Beginner's Guide to Becoming an Au Pair in the Netherlands
Becoming an au pair isn't all glamour and travel but it is an amazing opportunity to live and work abroad while immersing yourself deeply into your host country's culture. The Netherlands provides amazing support to all of their au pairs and has systems in place that other countries lack. Find out why the Netherlands is an amazing place to be an au pair and how you can apply!

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Finland

Working Abroad
How to Get a Winter Seasonal Job in Lapland
Find out how you can get paid to spend a winter working in Lapland, Finland at various tour companies or resorts. Enjoy the tranquil beauty and experience a seasonal job unlike any other! Get an inside peak at what it's like living and working there and the requirements to get hired.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Sweden

Living Abroad
6 Things to Know Before Moving to Sweden
Are you thinking about working or studying abroad in Sweden? After 2 years of living as an expat in Sweden, here are 6 things you should know before you make the move. Find out how to rent an apartment, the cost of living and what it's really like during the long, cold winters.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for The UK

Travel Guides
16 Hidden Gems in London
A local travel guide to London for you to experience 16 secret spots that most tourists don't know about. See the best neighbourhoods, parks, restaurants, cafes, and places to shop to London. Explore the city and see much more than the typical tourist does!
Living Abroad
A Beginner's Guide to Live Abroad in Leeds, UK
Are you planning to move to Leeds? Or are you thinking about moving to a different city than London? If you're a nature lover, shopaholic or foodie, it's the perfect place for you! In this guide, I’ll let you know why Leeds is a great city to live in.

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Poland

Travel Guides
Best Cities to Visit in Poland
This Poland guide will help convince you to add Poland to your travel list and walk you through the 3 major cities to visit, how to get around and what to do while you’re there. A country with this much history should not be missed!

Browse the jobs & expat guides for Belgium

Living Abroad
The Ultimate Guide to Living in Brussels, Belgium
Here's everything you need to know to find an internship in Belgium and how to settle into living abroad in Brussels. Learn all the things I wish I knew before I moved, where to live in the city, and some of things you can't miss out on!
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