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Hey, I'm Kat

Hoping to build a lifestyle around living and working abroad? I've done just that these past 11 years and have built A Way Abroad to show you how you can do it, too!

I fell in love with travel when I was 18 and went on my first solo trip to Guatemala. Those 3 months dramatically changed the course of my life.

I went back to the States and got my Bachelor’s degree (Go Dawgs!) but knew the moment I graduated I had so many more places to see and experiences to be had.

I started out by teaching English with the Peace Corps in Ecuador and now, fast-forward, I'm living the Italian dream in Trieste. Admittedly I have the most experience teaching English (US, Ecuador, South Korea, Vietnam and online ) but have also been a tour guide (San Blas Islands), a stewardess on a yacht (South of France), dabbled with Workaway (Peru & Panama) and now I work remotely as a digital marketing manager and run A Way Abroad.

Working locally while abroad has allowed me to peek into the culture, pick up some of the local language, and see a side that many travelers don't get to. It even introduced me to my Colombian husband, Raf. We met while both working as tour guides in Panama and haven’t stopped exploring the world together since.

We've since added a dog, Bandido, and a cat, Monti, to our traveling crew. My husband surprised me with Bandido for my 29th birthday when we were living in Da Nang, Vietnam. He's an anxious little rescue but loves exploring just as much as we do, especially if the trip involves the beach or mountains. Monti came to us while we were living on the Bay of Kotor and after he and Bandido hit it off, it was hard to turn out back on the then starving kitten. Monti now acts more like a dog than Bandido does and begs to go out on walks.

Throughout my journey I’ve met so many women like myself and have met even more that have asked how we’ve actually been able to stay abroad so long, usually in terms of funds. The short answer: we work, just like everyone else.

We move, we explore, we find a place we like, and a job that excites us.

Some jobs are more “serious” and require a signed contract and a long-term commitment. Others pay you enough to get by as you splash in the water with a new group of people every 5 days. And some give you a roof over your head and food in your belly in exchange for the work you volunteered to do.

So, whatever your goals and interests may be, I aim to provide you something here that ignites you enough to take the leap and go for it. I know I couldn’t be happier that I did.


I write and write and write

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