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Spend Your Summer in Budapest as a Party Promoter

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Working as a party promoter for Budapest PartyBookers is the perfect job for anyone looking for a wild summer in one of Europe’s best cities.

PartyBookers is looking for promoters and party staff to promote their events in hostels and work on boat parties, pub crawls and many more events! I’ve seen firsthand the kind of sparkling, chaotic, unforgettable nights that PB events can make, and wanted to give a little info as they’re gearing up for summer season!

Requirements to work as a party promoter

The job is perfect for you if you are…

  • in the Schengen Zone legally (all passports welcome!)
  • highly conversational in English
  • willing to work 8 weeks minimum
  • have a youthful heart and a customer-centric attitude
  • know how to PARTY without getting SLOPPY

To be able to apply for the jobs at PartyBookers, you do not need to have a specific nationality nor have a visa already in place. If you're able to spend your summer living in Budapest, go ahead and apply and the team will help you deal with visas and all that good stuff.


Benefits of working with PartyBookers

  • Commission on tickets sold on your promo shifts in hostels
  • Accommodation in a shared dorm (2-4 people) if needed
  • Heaps of free drinks and party tickets
  • Extra benefits like meals, bar tabs and more if you smash it
  • Tons of timeless memories and new friends

Summertime isn't the only time you can find amazing seasonal jobs like this one. For springtime jobs, see how you can work as a Spring Break Rep and for a winter job, enjoy Lapland while working in tourism in a winter wonderland.

Who is PartyBookers?

As you’ve probably guessed, PartyBookers books...well...parties, all through Budapest!

Their most legendary events are their boat parties and Bingo Bar Crawl (think: a pub crawl with challenges along the way ranging from tame to wonderfully mortifying), but they also book daytime experiences around the city (Beer Bus, anyone?).

Of course, all of these parties need staff to keep up the energy and make sure no one gets lost (missing the boat is the worst!), and that’s where YOU come in!

As a party promoter/staff, you must be ready to work a lot, socialize a lot, sell a lot and drink a lot. All the while, staying responsible and never getting wasted while on shift. Expect to make lots of friends and lots of memories!

I love working for PartyBookers because the energy and good vibes are off the charts!  A lot of the party staff are backpackers who came through Budapest and loved it so much that they had to stay, so the group is super international and lively. Everyone just wants to have a good time, and every night is a chance to meet someone new!

I'm sure you've heard about Budapest's legendary nightlife and their ruin bars and unique bar scene. This is your best chance to experience everything Budapest nightlife has to offer.

A lot of the staff just come for the summer (those without EU passports can only stay within the Schengen zone for 90 days, after all), but the company hosts parties and tours year round--so don’t be afraid to reach out during off-season.

Check out this link for a full list of jobs offered!

a group of party promoters in budapest smiling with shots at a bar
The friends you make on this job will be unforgettable

How you can get hired

No need to be in Budapest to get hired, interviews can be done virtually!

To apply, you only need to fill out a brief application, and then submit a short video answering a few questions. This is the chance to let your personality shine through, so let loose and show them how you could bring energy and good vibes to the team!

If your application is successful, you will have to make your own way to Budapest, but once you’re there you can count on the help and support of the management team in getting you settled, applying for visas and residence cards (should you choose to stay longer), as well as the occasional doctor’s visits and other affairs you may have trouble with in a foreign country.

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What happens once I get to Budapest?

Upon arrival, a 2 week training and probation period starts.

During these 2 weeks you will complete a range of different things, from training shifts on all events, training as a promoter and completing a scavenger hunt, map reading and events quiz at the end.

These 2 weeks are concluded with a peer review where everyone scores you on a range of things, like are you a fun flatmate? Are you reliable at work? Are you respectful to all the rules? Etc etc.

If you pass these reviews, you officially have the job and will start to receive the benefits that are included in the Party Staff/ Promoter position (free meals, bar tabs and discounts at affiliated food and beverage locations). 

a group of people partying during the day on the river in budapest
For the party lover, this job is perfect for you

How is it actually working for PartyBookers?

Something to be aware of is that the party can be nonstop as this job is VERY social.

You’re talking to strangers during the day promoting events, then partying with those strangers-turned-friends at night, then getting hangover brunch with your fellow promoters the next morning, and then doing it all again! Don’t worry, you’ll still have some days off to explore Budapest!

If you need a lot of downtime and personal space, this might not be the best fit and instead you could consider teaching English in Budapest. But if you’re open to one non-stop party, you’ll fit right in!

This is a wild job, with endless opportunities to meet new people and make new memories. And if you’re here during August, you’ll be able to go to the legendary Sziget Festival, which transforms Budapest into even more of an international, party loving haven than it already is.

I think that Budapest is magical during any time of the year, but summer in Budapest is next-level. If you’re interested in joining an amazing team of international party-lovers in the best city in Europe, then check out their application now!  Positions available as soon as borders open.

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