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The E-book That Can Change Your Life

Dream of moving abroad but need a helping hand? Our e-book with workbook is designed to help you make some big decisions to build the life abroad you really want.

Everyone’s way abroad is different. Let’s find yours.

There's not just one way to move abroad; there are countless. This book isn't going to tell you exactly what to do and where to go. Instead, it'll open up a world of possibilities and get you to take steps towards the path you want to forge.

Hurdles this book will help you overcome

How to prioritize what you want to build your dream life abroad away from outside pressures
The chaos that is the world of visas and residency permits
Realistically deciding on where you'll move + how you’ll make an income there
The absolute fastest ways abroad if you don’t want to stretch the planning process
Getting your family and friends to support your decision (or at least accepting their lack of support)
Not just getting you abroad but actually enjoying yourself once you arrive

This book covers...

Take a little peak beyond the cover to see exactly what you'll find inside. Sound good to you? This book will change your life...if you let it!
  1. Introduction
  2. My Way Abroad
  3. 1. Is Moving Abroad Right for You?
  4. 2. Finding Your Way Abroad
  5. 3. Understanding Visas
  6. 4. Job vs. Location
  7. Job Driven
  8. Working in Person
  9. Working Online
  10. Location Driven
  11. 5. The Quick and Dirty Way
  12. Abroad Even Faster?
  13. 6. 4 Pillars of Moving Abroad
  14. Logistical Prep
  15. Moving Abroad with Your Kids
  16. Moving Abroad with Your Pets
  17. How to Research Places to Live Abroad
  18. Packing Tips
  19. Money, Money, Money
  20. Mental Prep
  21. Overcoming Doubts
  22. The Fear of Failure
  23. Emotional Prep
  24. Dealing With Your Family & Friends
  25. Dealing With Loneliness
  26. Cultural Prep
  27. The Fishbowl Effect
  28. Overcoming the Differences
  29. 7. Conclusion

It's not just a regular book, it's a workbook, too.

157 Pages

We'll dive deep into the possibilities awaiting in a life abroad, with inspirational graphics.

6 Chapters

Divided into chapters to help you make bite-size decisions that'll add up to a full plan.

9 Worksheets

This book is hands-on to push you to decide what you do and don't want in a life abroad.
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