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Is Trieste Safe? Important Info & Tips For 2024

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Yes, Trieste, Italy is a super safe city! If you're planning to move to Trieste or travel here (even as a solo female traveler), you can rest assured that Trieste is safe.

Located right on the border with Slovenia, Trieste has a unique mix of history, culture, and food, making it a great place to visit in 2024. Plus, with low crime rates, it's becoming an even more attractive destination.

I've been lucky enough to live in Trieste since mid-2023 and during this time I've felt incredibly safe here, even when I go out at night to take my dog out. But, that being said, just like any city in the world there are some areas I would avoid and some tips I'd keep in mind when you come to Trieste.

Short on time? Here’s the cheat sheet:

🛟In general, Trieste is a super safe city day and night, for visitors or expats.  

⚠️I would only avoid the area right around the train station late at night, especially as a solo female traveler. 

🛏️Looking for a safe place to stay? Urbanauts Studios offers trendy studio apartments located right in Cavana, the coolest and most walkable area in Trieste.

📚While it’s not mandatory to know Italian to travel here. You might feel more comfortable at least knowing basic words and phrases. Mondly is a great app for that!

🚌You can walk or take public transportation without too much concern. The buses are usually not very full but if they are, move your bag to your front and put your phone in a secure place.

🚕Taxis are not very common in Trieste. If you’re arriving in the city late at night or super early in the morning, I would ask your hotel/rental to arrange for you a taxi. 

🎭There are a lot of things to do in Trieste. If you want a guide, GetYourGuide and Viator offer a wide variety of tours and activities to suit your schedule, budget, and interests. 

🌊The only thing unsafe about Trieste is swimming right off the main docks. You’ll need to go to Barcola or one of the public beaches to safely take a dip in the water.

Is Trieste Safe?

A pink and blue sunset over the sea in Trieste, a very safe city in Italy.

From my experience, Trieste is very safe, especially when compared to other cities in Italy. While there are some areas that might be more prevalent for petty theft like pickpocketing or verbal harassment, since moving here I haven't had any issues or even heard of others that have.

Just in case, I still recommend you have travel insurance when visiting Trieste.

There are some people selling things on the street but they're really quite friendly and passive. In other Italian cities I've seen vendors who get forceful when you don't want to buy from them or pull scams like telling you something is a gift when in actuality it's not. I've never seen that happen in Trieste.

Even in the busiest parts of the city that attract the most tourists, crime is really non-existent.

Is Trieste Safe at Night?

Trieste is safe at night, just as it is during the day.

In busy areas like Cavana, around the canal, or Viale XX Settembre, bars and restaurants stay open late. Even on weeknights in winter people are generally out and about until around midnight. That means you'll hardly be alone if you're in those areas. In summer months and on weekends, people stay out much later.

In more residential areas, the city does go to sleep early. Even still, whenever I take my dog out around 10-11 p.m., I've never felt unsafe. Of course though I have my guard up just like I would anywhere else in the world.

The only area I would avoid at night is right around the Trieste Centrale train station.

Since Trieste is a border town, it attracts many migrants moving from the Balkans to other parts of Europe. Most tend to camp out at the park in front of the train station for a night or two, especially in the warmer months. I'm in no way saying that the migrants are dangerous but they tend to be large groups of men. I don't know about you but, as a woman, I always avoid large groups of men at night regardless of where I am or where they're from.

From the train station and around the park mentioned above are some subterranean tunnels to cross the streets (so you don't have to wait at the crosswalk). At night, people tend to sleep in these tunnels or gather to hang out. This is another place I would avoid.

Is Trieste Safe to Live?

I don't think you'll be surprised by now when I say, yes, Trieste is a safe place to live.

I've had the privilege to live all over the world and I can confidently say that Trieste feels like one of the safest places I've ever lived. According to a recent study by Numbeo, the crime rate in Trieste is considered low or even very low compared to other parts of the world.

We bounced around a few different parts of Trieste before settling into the apartment we rent now and regardless of where exactly we were staying, Trieste has always felt like a safe city to live.

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Safety Tips For Trieste

A coin statue in place next to the canal in sunny and safe Trieste, Italy.

Although I think Trieste is a super safe place to visit or to live, there are some tips I'd keep in mind. Just like anywhere in the world, bad apples exist but rest easy knowing that there are less here than in other cities I've been.

#1: Keep Your Head on a Swivel

This is one of the biggest safety tips for female travelers that I always share. It's something my dad has repetitively told me ever since moving abroad in 2013 and that's to keep your head on a swivel.

What he means by that is to always look around you and be aware of your surroundings.

By doing this, getting caught off guard will be way less likely on the odd chance you find yourself in an unsafe situation in Trieste. More likely than not though, you won't need to avoid anything but instead, this will give you peace of mind while you're out and about.

#2: Let Someone Know Your Plans

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a partner in Trieste, it's a good idea to let someone else know your plans. There are plenty of thing to do in Trieste so you'll be eager to explore while here. Again, this is more for peace of mind than anything else but popping off a quick message to a pal telling them your general plan for the day will make you feel more at ease while you're out exploring this beautiful city.

#3: Plan Ahead for When You Arrive

If you're visiting Trieste, you'll most likely arrive at the train station or bus station (which happen to be connected to each other). This is how you'll arrive in the city unless you're driving your own car.

I'm a really last minute planner so I can understand the groans for those that like to figure it out as they go but as I mentioned earlier, the only area of Trieste that I prefer to avoid at night is around the bus and train station. If you get into town early, I wouldn't worry about it but if you're arriving at night or super early in the morning, I would know which bus you need, how to walk to your destination (so you're not on your phone), or if you need to get a taxi.

Note that taxis are pretty rare in Trieste but typically there are some parked outside of the train station along Viale Miramare.

#4: Rely on Public Transportation

Speaking of public transportation, I'd rely on it here in Trieste. In many cities buses can be dangerous but here I've found them very safe even if I need to take one late at night.

The buses are well-connected and the schedules show up perfectly on Google Maps making it even easier to use. Just know that you can't buy a bus ticket on the bus but must get them from a tobacco shop before hopping on. You need to validate the ticket, too, once you get on the bus. From there, the ticket is valid for 1 hour or 3 hours on Sundays and holidays.

#5: Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

Just like anywhere in the world, keep an eye on your belongings when you're out and about. Again, I've never had an issue or even heard of an issue in Trieste but it's better to be on the safe side.

Don't leave your purse or phone unattended or hanging out your back pocket. Even though the city is generally safe, you don't want to make it easy on those who might be tempted by a quick grab.

Safe Places To Stay In Trieste

An apartment view in Trieste overlooking the orange roofs in the city and the Adriatic Sea with a cruise ship in port.

I don't know about you but to me location is everything. I prefer staying places where I can walk wherever I want to go and have a nearby bus stop to take me farther.

These 3 hotel options below are located in the 3 best areas of Trieste to stay so you can pick one based on what you're hoping to see and do while here:

  • Budget Option: Trieste Center Rooms & Apartments. These apartments are spacious and perfectly located right next to Viale XX Settembre, one of the best walking streets in the city.
  • Mid-Range Option: Urbanauts Studios. These trendy studio apartments are located right in Cavana, the coolest and most walkable area in Trieste.
  • Luxury Option: Savoia Excelsior Palace. Stay right on the Adriatic Sea and right to Piazza Unità d'Italia and the canal, two of Trieste's must-sees.

Getting Around Trieste Safely

A side view of Miramare Castle in Trieste overlooking the Adriatic Sea on a cloudy day.

As I mentioned above, public transportation is great in Trieste. In the city, you have two main types of public transportation: buses and ferries.

There's an app that you can use to buy bus tickets called "Tplfvg" but it doesn't always work. If you don't want to deal with the app or it's not working for you, you can buy individual bus tickets or a ticket for 10 rides (un carnet) at any of the tobacco shops. Just know that you have to pay in cash to purchase them.

1 ride cost € 1,70. A carnet cost € 12,60. You can also purchase a day ticket allowing you to take as many buses as you want in 24-hours for € 3,10.

Note that if you're waiting at the bus stop and your bus is coming, you have to flag it down to stop. Same goes when you're on the bus. When your stop is approaching, you have to press the "stop" button otherwise it'll zip right past if no one else wants to get off or on there.

For the most part, you'll rely on buses while here but if you're here in the summer, I highly recommend taking the ferry (Delfino Verde) to Muggia or up the coast to Barcola and Miramare Castle. You can even cross the bay and spend the day at the beach in Grado.


Piazza de la Borsa in safe Trieste on a cloudy day with people sitting outside eating and drinking.

Ready to visit Trieste with confidence? Or, if you're like me, move here and soak up the rich history this safe city has to offer? These are just a few more frequently asked questions you might be hoping I answer.

Is Trieste a safe place to live?

Yep, Trieste is a very safe place to live. Even if you don't speak Italian, although I recommend you give learning the language a shot, Trieste is still very safe.

Petty theft and crime are super low so while you should be aware of your surroundings, it's a generally safe place to live.

Is Trieste a walkable city?

Trieste is a super walkable city! While I do use the bus a couple times a week, for the most part, I walk everywhere I need to go. If you live in the city center or even nearby it, you'll be pleased with the sidewalks and even pedestrian-only streets that make walking even easier and safer.

Since Trieste is pretty small, you could walk from one side of the city to the other in about 40-minutes along the Adriatic Sea. The farther you move from the coast the walk will take longer simply because it gets quite hilly.

Can you swim in the sea in Trieste?

Although located right on the sea, this answer isn't quite so straightforward and is a yes and no. Right in the city center, you can't swim. This is where big cruise ships and the ferry come in and out and it isn't safe to go for a dip.

The best area to swim in Trieste is further north along the coast in Barcola or south in Muggia.

If you do want to swim near the city center, there are 2 public beaches: Bagno Marino and Bagno Ausonia. Both of these beaches are super small and can get crowded in the summer. Bagno Marino is actually divided by sex and is a great place to go topless without having to worry about men taking a peak.

Do people speak English in Trieste?

Most people that work in hospitality, like at bars, restaurants, and hotels, speak English. Those that don't work in those industries might speak a few words of the language but are usually quite friendly and happy to help you mime what you need.

If you're simply visiting Trieste for a few days, learning the language might not be a priority but if you're moving to Trieste, I recommend you take some time to learn at least the basics to be able to converse with your neighbors and get off the beaten path a bit.

Conclusion: Is Trieste a Safe City?

It's safe to say by now that you know Trieste is safe! Whether you're moving to Italy or visiting for a few days, you can rest assured that you'll be in good hands while you visit Trieste. Enjoy walking or taking public transportation wherever you want to go to fully soak up this rich, historic city.

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