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Abby Rodgers
Abby Rodgers has called four continents home. She was born in South Korea, raised in upstate New York, lived in Paris, France for five years and is currently making the rounds in Colombia. She is a corporate language trainer and holds a BA and MA in International Relations and Diplomacy. You'll likely find her with a black coffee, contemplating her next move.
Abi Prowse
Originally from a small village just outside London, UK, Abi is a freelance writer and translator based in Northern Italy. Having always harboured a passion for travel, she has lived also in France, Scotland, and Portugal, before finally settling just outside Venice. She adores photography, sunflowers, books, Aperol Spritz, and all dogs. You'll probably find her eating pasta.
Agnes Stabinska
Agnes is a content writer, photographer, and co-owner of The Van Escape blog. She loves wildlife, landscape photography, and outdoor adventures in national parks across the US. The blog focuses on trip ideas to Alaska, US Southwest, and US Pacific Northwest.
Alexandra Ward
Happiness is what you make it: Having spent years working in various office jobs, Alex realized her dream of starting a new life abroad 10 years ago. She now lives on the small Caribbean island of Carriacou with her family and assorted animals. Alex works remotely as a writer of articles about scuba diving, travel, and sustainability, which is a topic very close to her heart.
Alicia Edwards
Alicia has been solo traveling for 3 years and has recently moved from the USA to Canada on a Working Holiday Visa. She is always looking for her next adventure and constantly pushing herself out of her comfort zone to really explore what the world has to offer. Whether it’s a small mountain town or a big city, she loves seeing what new things she can discover about the world and about herself.
Amber Haggerty
Amber runs Amber Everywhere, a site dedicated to encouraging others to travel. The mission of Amber Everywhere is to help people feel the sort of belonging, purpose, empathy, & expansiveness that travel can offer, especially if approached with the right mindset. Amber is originally from Colorado, but now she now lives in Europe & writes about her experiences traveling & living abroad.
Ana Goetz
Ana studied graphic design and photography in high school. She soon realized with her love of photography she didn't need to go to university. She started to travel and work as a photographer. Although that’s her big passion, as a curious person, she loves to learn and try different jobs, too. Her latest venture is teaching English is Myanmar.
A fearless and fierce African panda trying to teach cubs in the Middle East while eating her way through the rest of the world! Teaching, traveling, spicy food, photographing, pandas, eating, cycling, and making kids laugh are a few of her favorite things. Follow her blog for a raw account of traveling the world on a 3rd world passport and as someone who lives on the brink of multiple cultures.
Angel Chang
Angel is a travel enthusiast originally from Taiwan but is now an NZ resident. While growing up, traveling and exploring the world as much as possible was a dream. Now she's all grown up, putting this into action. She defines her own happiness, loves to socialize, explore and experience new cultures, and make new friends all around the globe!
Angela Minervini
Angela enjoys traveling, fitness and food! After teaching for 5 years in the UK she had itchy feet and decided to take the leap and teach abroad. She has called Dubai home for the last 4 years where she worked in an international school as a PE and dance teacher, doing personal training on the side. Now she's ready for a new challenge and is off to travel Mexico, Central and South America, whilst personal training online.
Angela Weathersby
Angela is Hawaii born, state-side raised. A lefty who set off into the great, wide world with her ukelele wanting to learn more about fostering community and culture. She now considers Colombia home, but will travel great lengths for a good curry. Watch for her projects by following Colectivo Krioyo, AKASH, or by looking out for her in the A Way Abroad community.
Ann-Marie Ungeheuer
Ann-Marie is a German-Viking who lived in Norway for the last 21 years. She now calls the Australian Gold Coast home. She enjoys yoga, fitness and health. She loves helping other travelers, especially women.
Arianna Pari
Ariana is a barista in Edinburgh & loves her job. She dreams of having her own coffee shop as well as being a freelance writer one day. She loves the sea, ice cream, good coffee, friends, and of course, traveling. She's a very positive and energetic person. She never says no to pretty much anything.
Ashely Gavilanes
Ashely is currently getting her Masters in Travel Journalism in Barcelona. Before moving to Spain, she lived in Santiago de Chile, working as an ESL teacher. She likes to share her life abroad experience with others through her reflections on Instagram and YouTube.
Athina Esteban
Athina is a free-spirited travel junkie who tries to live a fruitful life while still enjoying it. Trapped on an island called paradise and exploring every bit of it. She's a yogi in the making and a self-driven, so-called diver, now trying to live in the tone of minimalist.
Attaliah Strubel
Attaliah is a personal brand coach & social media strategist who helps women build successful businesses online. She is dedicated to empowering women to achieve their goals & live the lives they desire. Whether through her coaching sessions, online resources, or speaking engagements, Attaliah is committed to helping women build the successful & fulfilling careers & lives they deserve.
Aurélie Mika
Aurélie is a 25 year old from the South of France. She started traveling as a child with her parents and hasn't stopped since! She had her first experience working abroad in Australia and since then she's worked all over the world in the hospitality industry. She loves traveling the world and seeing what it has to offer.
Bat-El Galor
Bat-El Galor is a long-time traveler and the founder of Hidden Sidewalks, a high-quality travel and relocation content website. She's a mom of one, initially from Israel. With her family, she has moved abroad twice by now and is consistently travelling around the globe.
Becca Fernandez
Becca, from MyTravelBf, and her partner moved to Spain in September 2021. Prior to that, she was a School Social Worker in Milwaukee, Wi. She's almost 30 and is loving living in Madrid and hopes to find a more permanent way of staying. Besides traveling, she loves to run, dance, cook, try new things, and spend time with her pup!
Bee Mackie
Bee is an English teacher and freelance writer from New Zealand. She's passionate about travelling slowly and mindfully with an emphasis on meeting new people. She has a degree in journalism and is currently furthering her studies with a Masters in International Development. Her current goal is to keep exploring Asia, ask lots of questions and share some stories to inspire other young travellers.
Bianca Caruana
Bianca is a blogger & podcast host specializing in stories that ignite thoughts surrounding compassion, ethics, and the happiness of all beings. She currently volunteers as Head of Impact for Nomads Giving Back! inspiring nomads, ex-pats, and travelers to give back to the places they call home away from home.
Bonnie Blake
Bonnie Blake, from Hertfordshire, UK is currently living on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. She qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2013 and has since travelled to 45 countries and has been working in 5 countries in the last 5 years. She loves all of the exotic animals she is able to work with and seeing the differences and similarities in each country.
Bonnie Moroney
Originally from a small coastal town on the east coast of Australia, Bonnie has been lucky enough to circumnavigate the world several times whilst working as a yacht stewardess on some beautiful mega yachts. Bonnie's happiest when cooking for loved ones and having friends over to wine and dine them. With no kids, husband or animals she loves the freedom of being able to travel whenever she can.
Brittany Conyers
Britt is an American expat living in London. After wanting to move abroad for years, she made it happen 3 years ago when she transferred to the UK with her job. When she’s not working, you can find her out exploring British culture & taking advantage of cheap European flights. Britt & her British boyfriend started a podcast called United States of Britt’n (get it?!) where they uncover the hilarious & quirky differences between American & British life.
Brittany Roberts
Brittany is a full-time teacher on the Fort Apache Reservation in Arizona. She's also the founder of Traveling Teachers LLC, a travel company specializing in trips for teachers. When she’s not busy with her company or students, she’s creating content for her travel + lifestyle blog, Teach Blog Travel. She's passionate about encouraging others to pursue their goals and dream big!
Brittney Swartzendruber
Brittney is a 22 year old American currently living in France. She loves cooking, gardening, writing, art, spontaneous adventures and of course traveling! She speaks English and is learning French. She has been to every state accept Hawaii and has traveled to Canada, Mexico, England, Iceland and France. This summer she plans to go to Morocco, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.
Bryana was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She loves music and dancing, as well as learning new languages. She's currently a flight attendant and in love with her job and amazing flight benefits! In her spare time, she's usually reading, writing or exploring new cities! Follow up with her adventures around the world on her blog and YouTube channel.
Cait Shaw
A travel loving Brit, currently living in Oman in the Middle East. She would describe herself as a serial expat, language lover, utterly besotted kitten owner and always in search of her next adventure. She has previously lived in Australia, Russia, France and various places in the UK. And has also been lucky enough to spend extensive time in China. She is currently not working whilst living in Oman but used to work on crisis management and in the humanitarian sector.
Candice has travelled and lived all over Asia for the past two years. She left her home to chase her dreams of travelling the world with a goal to confront her mental health head-on. Since leaving her comfort zone she has learned a lot more about herself, acquired a new language or two, and developed her obsession for coconut coffee. You can usually spot her in a cute cafe but right now she wanders the metropolis of Osaka, Japan.
Carole Edwards
Carole took an early exit from corporate life and now runs a travel blog and 2 online stores. She lives with her Kiwi husband on the shores of Evans Bay, Wellington.
Cat Gundry-Beck
Cat is an Irish commercial photographer and videographer living in Reykjavik, Iceland. She loves to help businesses grow by creating imagery for their websites and social media. She works with both Icelandic companies and also international businesses, who want photos/videos of their products or services taken in the jaw-dropping landscapes of Iceland. She loves music, languages and travel - She's been to 36 countries and has lived in 7 cities!
Cath Wilson
Cath is a South African teaching English & Literature at an International School in Malaysia. After getting engaged, she & her fiancé traded planning a wedding for moving abroad to experience a life beyond their ordinary circumstances. With a passion for travel & photography, she aims to share the realities of moving abroad, her life as an expat, & authentic travel experiences. Cath is easily excited by coffee, animals or the chance to visit a theme park.
Catherine Tour
Catherine is an island girl from Mauritius who left her country in 2015 to study abroad unexpectedly in China. She quickly fell in love with the lifestyle, convenience, and safety in China. Before the pandemic, she traveled throughout Asia but since then, has been focused on finding all of China's best hidden gems.
Catriona Kendall
Catriona is an Event and Tourism Management graduate from Scotland. Her dream has always been to work abroad, which she has been able to do in Lapland and Ibiza. She has her my own travel blog and is also an independent travel agent.
Chelsea Brooks
Chelsea is a US American expat/immigrant living and working in Hamburg, Germany. A German resident since 2014, she first came to the country to complete a master’s degree in linguistics and is now working as an Editor for an international company. She’s not taking life too seriously and enjoying all the laughs along the way.
Chelsea White
Chelsea is a California beach bum at heart, currently learning to love snowy winters. Her first international trip was a college graduation gift touring 9 countries in Europe and she never stopped daydreaming about it. She's volunteered and worked for nonprofits her whole life and thinks the only way she could ever make a living is to make others' lives easier. Keep up with her life in Germany through her husband's YouTube.
Chloe Rose
Chloe Rose is a writer, teacher, and relationship coach for expats. On her website, she focuses on providing support for expat moms and giving them the sense of community expats are sometimes missing from their lives abroad. She lives in Melbourne with her husband, Jon and her son, Harry.
Chloé Le Gouche
Chloé lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and two cats. She has a coaching business that supports French expatriate women as they navigate this beautiful global lifestyle.
Claudia Crismaru
Claudia was born in a small mountain village in Romania. She quickly bored of village life & at 18, she packed her bags and moved to the UK to study to become a teacher. Working & living abroad had been an eye-open so after she graduated, she decided to make South East Asia her home - more precisely, Myanmar. She's been living there for 9 months already, and is loving it! She also loves reading, dogs and hiking.
Cristina Reina
Cristina is a Spanish expat living in the UK who loves travelling, learning about other cultures and trying different food. She is the founder of My Little World of Travelling, a female travel blog featuring travel guides, hidden gems and expat life.
Daniela Zamora
After years of never going anywhere, working crazy hours and just fed up with the life she was living, one day she decided to quit her job and venture out to the world. At almost 30 years old, she thought it was now or never. It's been the best decision of her life. Almost 1 year later and 14 countries visited, she regrets nothing.
Debbi Shibuya
Debbi is a California-grown girl who left her job at Disney to travel the world and is now based in Sydney. She can be best described as a lightsaber-wielding avid hiker, who finds every possible way to incorporate Star Wars and witty puns into her outdoor adventures. When she isn't writing, hiking, or playing with wildlife, you can find her stuffing her face with food and petting every dog she comes across.
Denae McGaha
Denae came to Budapest to teach English and stayed to build her freelance career! Now she splits her time between growing her own English business and working in digital marketing--and of course, she loves writing for her blog to show others the best that Budapest (and teaching abroad) has to offer!
Emilie Jones
Emilie is originally from a small town in Quebec, Canada but grew up with a huge curiosity for the world. It's brought her to live, study, and work in the Netherlands, South Korea, Guatemala, and Colombia. From her travel and life experiences abroad she's learned so much about herself and the world and now is on a mission to inspire other women to discover themselves while discovering the world!
Emily Rose
Emily Rose is a Minnesota native who sold her belongings, got out of her lease, and decided to chase her dreams around the globe! Living out of a suitcase and working around the world, she traveled 26 countries in her first year of her newly nomadic lifestyle. From Oktoberfest in Germany, to the beaches of Mexico and all over Europe- she has worked an exciting array of travel jobs which she now shares on her blog.
Erin Morris
Erin has been working and travelling the world since 2007. She has lived and worked in ski resorts, islands and on superyachts. She's taught English online and now calls herself a virtual assistant. She loves slow travel and spending extended periods of time in each place. Her favourite non-travel related things are coffee, yoga, mountains and hiking.
Estella has lived in 3 countries and travelled to 40 more. She enjoys staying in a country several months at a time to immerse herself in their culture. Listening to stories along the way, she documents the experiences and stories of others on her blog, StoryTale. She believes we all have a story to tell. She's been focusing on social issues lately to raise awareness for world travellers on what we can do to contribute as we journey through this Earth.
Eva Chan
Eva was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. After graduation, Eva moved to South Korea, where she stayed for 3.5 years, for some “Seoul-searching!” Currently she is living in Taipei, Taiwan. If not meeting friends, napping, or reading at a cafe, Eva is always on the lookout for chill music events and the best bubble tea.
Fiona has been living abroad for 6 years - first Vietnam and now in Thailand. She's building an online fitness community with her partner where they help expats and nomads live a healthier, happier life!
Gabriele Pletaite
Gabriele is 25 years old. She was born in Lithuania, grew up in Germany, and moved to Spain almost five years ago. What started as a semester abroad has now turned into a life abroad in Madrid. She's very interested in learning languages and travelling.
Gina Oliver
Gina is a former Elementary Teacher transformed into a word-savvy copywriter for small businesses & a content creator for artists. She now travels the world with her husband & cat, working remotely, and inspiring others to live a PASSIONATE, travel-infused life. #findyourwave
Gloria Spagnoli
Gloria is a language & communication coach on a mission to help shy & insecure people express their ideas confidently in Italian & grow both as speakers & as human beings. She runs, where she shares tips & strategies to help struggling speakers overcome their fears & insecurities. She’s also the creator of the Italian Warriors Club, a community where people can grow both their Italian & their confidence in expressing themselves in this beautiful language.
Hannah Abdulhak
Hannah is a Lebanese Australian who now calls Brazil her home. One of her favorite things to do is cook and explore different cuisines. She loves teaching Business English and helping her students achieve their career goals through her English courses and lessons. If you're looking to improve your English, check out her links below.
Hannah Butler
Hannah grew up in small towns throughout Vermont. A bit rebellious & never shy, she loves a challenge, so she became a mother of two. She's lived all over the US & worked in many fields to gain life experiences. Her skills & 'can do' attitude present confidence & ability that has taken her far in life. Now living abroad offers tempting new challenges that she can't wait to be a part of. To be a writer and travel is her dream job and it's just the beginning!
Hannah Castelli
An avid traveller who has lived in Europe and Asia and is currently in Sydney, Australia. Nothing makes her happier than visiting a new country, trying a new dish, and seeing a piece of history for the first time. If she's not doing those things then she can be found with her nose in a book and a cat on my lap.
Hannah Fiechter
After graduation, Hannah set off to Australia. Since then, she got all the training & education needed in Australia, Indonesia, & the Philippines to become a dive professional. She plans to go back to school online for Marine Science & Sustainable Aquaculture & work on marine conservation sites all over the world while teaching students the art of diving & the importance of protecting the planet. Who says an Indiana girl can't fall in love with the ocean?
Hannah Ruppert
Hannah is just a small-town girl who was living in a lonely world. She took the midnight plane going anywhere. “Anywhere” meant from Illinois to South Korea. She loves to travel the world often, but she always comes back to where her SEOUL is most at home (pun intended). She thinks that ice cream is the solution to everything and is universally delicious.
Haylie Collins
After 22 years of living in Florida, Haylie was ready to try something new when she graduated from university. She decided to leave the U.S. for the first time and teach English in South Korea. Next, she moved to Vietnam where she has taught as a primary school teacher for the past two years. Next stop on the list is Latin America where she hopes to continue teaching Yoga and experiencing new cultures!
Hege Jacobsen
Hege Jacobsen is a military officer and veteran gone digital nomad, traveler, & the founder of The World By Hege. She has traveled to the Caribbean & Central America since 2019, exploring destinations in the region. A lifelong solo & slow traveler, Hege also did a TEDx talk in 2023 about how to communicate better with A Traveler's Mindset.
Holly Pitches
Holly is a romantic at heart, she moved to Italy for the love of the Italian language in search of la dolce vita, and ended up staying when she met the man of her dreams. Her favourite evening adventures consist of chasing sunsets with a glass (or bottle!) of wine in hand.
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