Jamie was born in Canada, raised in the Netherlands. Two and a half years ago, she left the 9-5 behind and decided to follow her dream of traveling the world. Without ever having been to Asia before she jumped on a plane to Vietnam. After teaching English for 2,5 years, she then decided to follow her heart and move to Bali to pursue her passion project, starting her own fashion brand.
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her contributions to a way abroad
Working Abroad
How To Get Hired as an Online English Teacher with PalFish
Want to teach English online? PalFish is the best platform for those that want to teach online without a degree or if English isn't your native language.
Living Abroad
An Expat's Guide to Living in Bali, Indonesia
Interested in moving to the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia? Understand how to get a visa, the cost of living, and what jobs to do while living in Bali.
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