Bee is an English teacher and freelance writer from New Zealand. She's passionate about travelling slowly and mindfully with an emphasis on meeting new people. She has a degree in journalism and is currently furthering her studies with a Masters in International Development. Her current goal is to keep exploring Asia, ask lots of questions and share some stories to inspire other young travellers.
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her contributions to a way abroad
Tips Abroad
The 7 Stages of Living Abroad (and how to survive them)
From just landing in your new country, all the way to the good-bye's, this list will help you survive all 7 stages of expat life so you're ready to live abroad.
Living Abroad
A Guide to Living Abroad in Jeonju, South Korea
Jeonju, South Korea is a city brimming with history, culture, and world-renowned food. See why you should try living in Jeonju for a quiet Korean life.
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