Hannah grew up in small towns throughout Vermont. A bit rebellious & never shy, she loves a challenge, so she became a mother of two. She's lived all over the US & worked in many fields to gain life experiences. Her skills & 'can do' attitude present confidence & ability that has taken her far in life. Now living abroad offers tempting new challenges that she can't wait to be a part of. To be a writer and travel is her dream job and it's just the beginning!
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her contributions to a way abroad
Working Abroad
How to Find International Pet Sitting Opportunities
Travel the world with free accommodation when you become a house and pet sitter. Learn more about international pet sitting and how you can find the best gigs.
Tips Abroad
How to Work Remotely with Happy Clients & a Happy Boss
Remote work isn't always easy days under palm trees. If you find yourself with a tough job, these tips will help you keep a happy boss and happy clients.
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