The last few years she was infected with the travel virus and decided to explore the world. After volunteering as a nurse 2 times (Thailand and Ghana) she dreamed about working on an island, with sunshine on her mind everyday and getting paid to do so. She now feels so lucky to work in Aruba and to see what the healthcare is like in yet another country. Who knows where her next destination will be?
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Tips Abroad
7 Reasons Post-Travel Blues are Real & How You Can Cope
Understand what post-travel depression is and how you can cope with it. Here's 7 reasons why post-travel blues is a real thing and how you can cope with it.
Living Abroad
An Expat's Guide to Living in Aruba
Interested in moving to Aruba? See what it's like living in Aruba from the eye's of an expat, with where to live and best things to do for fun.
Tips Abroad
5 Realizations to Quit Your Job & Travel the World
Let me tell you why it's time for you to quit your job to travel! Use these realizations that will help you drop your fear and travel with confidence.
Working Abroad
How to Travel the World as an International Travel Nurse
Find out how to find international nursing job opportunities around the world. Know how to find volunteer nursing positions and paid nursing abroad programs.
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