Emily Rose is a Minnesota native who sold her belongings, got out of her lease, and decided to chase her dreams around the globe! Living out of a suitcase and working around the world, she traveled 26 countries in her first year of her newly nomadic lifestyle. From Oktoberfest in Germany, to the beaches of Mexico and all over Europe- she has worked an exciting array of travel jobs which she now shares on her blog.
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her contributions to a way abroad
Tips Abroad
10 Things Traveling Solo Taught Me
Get ready for my solo female travelers tips. As a female solo traveler, I've learned countless things along the way but here are my top 10 things I've learned.
Working Abroad
Working Abroad as a Spring Break Destination Rep
Looking for the perfect seasonal job in paradise? Get paid to socialize, party and meet new people all month long as a Spring Break Destination Representative.
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