Carole took an early exit from corporate life and now runs a travel blog and 2 online stores. She lives with her Kiwi husband on the shores of Evans Bay, Wellington.
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Living Abroad
The Best Visa Options for Living in New Zealand
Dreaming of a life in New Zealand? First, you'll need to figure out which visa works for you. Here's a mega list of visas for New Zealand so you can stay.
Living Abroad
9 Best Places to Live in New Zealand Aotearoa
Planning a move to New Zealand but don't know where in the country? Don't miss these 9 best places to live in New Zealand to help you make your decision.
Travel Guides
15 Unmissable Things to Do in Wellington, New Zealand
Planning a trip to Wellington, NZ? Don't miss these 15 unique things to do. Written by expat who has lived in Wellington for years, you'll love these tips.
Travel Guides
The Absolute Best Time to Visit New Zealand Aotearoa
Planning a trip to New Zealand? Find out the best time to visit New Zealand from an expat. Get to know all of the seasons and can't miss events.
Living Abroad
An Expat's Guide to Living in Wellington, New Zealand
Want to see what it's really like living in Wellington, New Zealand? This guide covers the best neighbourhoods, cost of living, and things to know.
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