A travel loving Brit, currently living in Oman in the Middle East. She would describe herself as a serial expat, language lover, utterly besotted kitten owner and always in search of her next adventure. She has previously lived in Australia, Russia, France and various places in the UK. And has also been lucky enough to spend extensive time in China. She is currently not working whilst living in Oman but used to work on crisis management and in the humanitarian sector.
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14 Beautiful Places to Visit in Oman
There's way more to Oman than just Muscat. With diverse landscapes and plenty to see and do, these are the most beautiful places in Oman you can't miss.
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Oman is a fantastic travel destination but it can be tough to decide when to visit. See what this Oman expat has to say about the best time to visit Oman.
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An Expat Guide to Living in Muscat, Oman
Oman is a true gem that not many consider when picking a place to move abroad. See why you should consider living abroad in Muscat as your next home abroad!
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