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Iulia Dumitrescu
Iulia is a 26-year old Romanian living abroad. She loves to travel & to drink coffee, ideally at the same time. She's here to explore, to learn, & to understand the world. When she will feel she knows enough, she wants to settle down with someone, open a cafe, & spend her time making people's days better with coffee & cookies.
Jackie Braid
Jackie has always been a fan of traveling. So when the opportunity to work abroad knocked on her door, it didn't take her a long while to grab it. After working in the Philippines for three years, Jackie completely fell in love with the country and the people, making it incredibly easy for her to decide on living there for good. Jackie has been a Canadian expat in the Philippines for five years now.
Jamie Gajewski
Jamie is an American educator and YouTuber who has been teaching abroad and online full-time since 2010. She currently lives with her husband in Australia. Her goal is to inspire others to live a life of adventure through teaching English - abroad, online, or both!
Jamie Jones
Jamie was born in Canada, raised in the Netherlands. Two and a half years ago, she left the 9-5 behind and decided to follow her dream of traveling the world. Without ever having been to Asia before she jumped on a plane to Vietnam. After teaching English for 2,5 years, she then decided to follow her heart and move to Bali to pursue her passion project, starting her own fashion brand.
Jasmin Meier Vidal
Jasmin Hediye Meier Vidal is a German language teacher working with native German speakers living abroad. She specializes in three fields: teaching children 1:1 online, retraining German-speaking kids, and mentoring parents, who want to pass on the German language to their children. You can find her best on Instagram.
Jasmine Murphy
Born & raised in a small town in Canada, she always knew there was more to life. Once she took my first trip at age 16, she couldn’t stop. After working on cruise ships for years, she moved abroad to Spain for a new adventure. Her life is filled with positivity, love, and joy! Find her at a park reading one of her hundreds of books or dancing the night away. She believes time is one of the most valuable things in life, and it’s not meant to be wasted!
Jeanne Smith
Jeanne has been a nomad for over 20 years. In that time, she's traveled by land. Now, she plans to travel the next 20 by sea. She is a freelance animator, travel promoter, and creator of shell art and jewelry. She became a nomad before the digital era began and has lived and worked all over the world. Together with her husband, she is now living on her 44-foot sailboat. They're hoping to help others learn the skills you need to travel, live, inspire and earn.
Jenni Johnson
Jenni is an American writer and creator. Her works focuses on eating disorder recovery, travel and religion. She believes in healing loudly and creating narratives that make us all feel less alone. She travels with her coonhound, Copper and is based in Paris, France.
Jessica Robinson
Jessica loves to write interesting & knowledgeable blogs regarding business management, education, & life to satiate the curiosity of her lovely readers. Currently, she is serving as a content manager at the ‘Speaking Polymath’. Every piece of content that she writes demonstrates her immense love & passion for her profession.
Jewelle Bejjavarapu
Jewelle is a certified life coach who helps high achieving, type-A millennial women learn to say NO to people pleasing and yes to themselves so they can create their dream life without any overwhelm or guilt. She and her husband just got back from South East Asia where they were digital nomads for four months. In her free time she loves walking her dog, CrossFit, and reading.
Jocelyn Pollak
Jocelyn is an English teacher/trainer and the co-founder of, an award winning TEFL course. She has a passion for teaching English and for training the next generation of English teachers. TEFLPros is a 120-hour fully accredited online course that focuses on practical skills and helping you feel supported and prepared as you begin your TEFL journey. Jocelyn has travelled to 40+ countries and taught English in more than 10.
Jonelle Simunich
Jonelle is an entrepreneur and futurist, passionate about evolving a better understanding of the future. She is Californian with Croatian heritage and considers herself a global citizen. She's currently living between Zurich, CH and Edinburgh, UK. She loves exploring, seeing new places, meeting new people and soaking up the culture.
Julie Talbot
Julie has always dreamed of time and location freedom. Whilst living in Abu Dhabi she set up a property business in the UK in a way that gave her just that. In January 2022 she set off with her family to surf, swim, ski, sail, and scuba around the world whilst homeschooling their children and running their property business from her phone.
Justine Lieberman
Justine was born at a very young age. She loves to travel, laugh, eat, and sleep. She doesn't have favorites of anything - but she often makes something up as a favorite if she is badgered enough. She enjoys long walks on the beach and short walks to the fridge!
Kaitlyn Kuffert
Kaitlyn is from Saskatchewan, Canada. After completing undergrad, she moved to Seoul for one year to work as an English teacher. After completing the year she did some backpacking in Asia. She is currently living in Prague and taking every opportunity to travel around Europe on weekends or holidays. She spends her free time at music events or surrounding herself with nature. Whether that means going for a hike or drinking some great Czech beer in a park.
Karly Christ
Karly is a long-term expat who now, with her husband and two children, calls Annecy home. Along with her business partner, Chloé, she founded Vibrant Ikigai, a coaching business that supports expatriate women as they navigate this beautiful global lifestyle. Vibrant also works closely with companies & organizations to support their international team's communication & well-being in the workplace.
Kat Smith
Kat, our AWA founder, is an adventurous wanderer who packed up and moved abroad 10 years ago. Since then she's been a teacher, tour guide, yacht stewardess, a volunteer, and now she works full-time online. Her best days are those spent on the beach or in the mountains with her husband, her dog, her cat, and a good book. She never quite knows where in the world the next year will take her.
Kathi Numic
Kathi gets itchy feet whenever she is in a place for too long. So she moved abroad in 2016 and is now based in her husband's home town Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. For the past five years, Kathi has worked in PR and digital marketing but opened her own travel agency with her partner in 2021. She's happiest by the seaside, but fell in love with the mountains in Bosnia, and loves to spend her time outdoors or curled up with a book.
Kathleen O'Donnell
Kathleen is a freelance writer, travel blogger, and digital nomad who has been living abroad since 2018 exploring the world. She loves strong coffee, bright sunshine, ancient ruins, and friendly cats. You can usually find her scribbling in a notebook somewhere by the sea.
Katie Mitchell
Katie is an American abroad and lived in Germany for two years. Always game for an adventure, she likes to immerse in small towns and hike long-distance trails in her free time. She shares these adventures on her Instagram. A big believer in bringing people together, she also manages the European hiking community, Thru-Hiker.
Katy Guglielmino
Originally a Wisconsin girl, Katy moved out to the west coast after completing college in search of better weather. When her husband approached her with the opportunity to spend a year living in Florence, Italy due to his recent promotion she was excited about the opportunity and began making lists. Now having left her full-time work as a pharmacist back in the states, she spends her days in Italy in pursuit of il dolce far niente.
Katy Liang
Katy is a 20-something-year-old with “the best travel stories”, according to her friends. Always stealthily finding ways to sneak travels into her life, she has scored a train ticket across Canada for three weeks, travelled around Asia while teaching in Taipei, Taiwan for four years, and flown to northern Finland for an epic and very cold master’s degree. She now writes about her travel adventures and thoughts on her blog, Photospired.
Kayla Halmaghi
Originally from Detroit, USA, Kayla moved to Berlin last summer for a new job at a tech startup. So far she has loved living in Europe and traveling as much as possible!
Kayla Ihrig
Kayla is a conscious living blogger and Pinterest coach at Writing From Nowhere. She encourages women to live their days mindfully, and reduce waste in their lives: both the physical waste that litters our planet and time wasted in our days. She believes that we ought not to sleepwalk through life. Kayla moved to Groningen, the Netherlands in 2017 from Chicago for love, and shares her journey there on Instagram.
Kelly Irakli
Kelly is a travel enthusiast that used to live in Greece and work as a nurse but suddenly has found herself living in Rwanda, starting her own company, and doing her dream job.
Kiersten Brown
Don't ask me what I do for a living instead, ask me what I'm passionate about. Dancer, Writer, Educator, and Coach who is living in any country but the United States and showing women how they can live a profitable life abroad and become their most authentic self.
Kimberly is an online Freelancer and YouTuber, that enjoys copious amounts of coffee no matter where she is! She documented her journey of traveling to 14 different countries on her YouTube channel. She is now a settled gal in Texas, but Germany is her second home! She also enjoys teaching others about working online!
Kristie Gonzales
Kristie is a native Texan now living in Poland. After her husband received a two-year work assignment in Poland, Kristie decided to take a break from her full-time engineering job and make the move with her husband and dog to Warsaw. When she’s not traveling with her husband, Kristie spends her time working on her travel blog and researching future trips.
Kyrra Christenson
Kyrra is a curious Canadian who fell in love with travelling. She loves to experience new places, cultures, and food! She most recently spent a year abroad in Japan. Meeting new people and taking pictures along the way, lost in the beauty of the world. Feeling curious? Check out her "lostlife."
Laura Becker
Laura has lived many different lives in her 30 years. From party girl, business woman, business owner, adventurer, wife and now a sailing mum of 2. Each chapter in her life has taught her wisdom and given her strengths that couldn’t be earned without real world experiences, honesty and reflection. She hopes that more girls can build on top of each of their own unique chapters to carve themselves a life that is stimulating, rewarding and full of wonder.
Laura Scott
Laura is the founder of heyday, a new adventure company that runs group trips for like-minded solo travelers in their 30s-40s. As she got a little older, she realized it became impossible to round up friends for trips- between relationships, babies & careers it was never the right time. When she moved to Singapore, she was excited to travel with new friends but there was no easy way to connect so that's why she created heyday!
Lauren Pettit
After graduating with a modern languages degree, Lauren packed her bags and left the UK for China. She lived there for a total of five years, in Jinan and Shanghai. Now, she’s splitting her time between home and Greece, working as a freelance copywriter as she plans her next big move.
Leilani Rooks
Leilani is a born-and-raised Virginia girl turned expat. She recently moved to Dubai, UAE after living in London, England for the past four years. Leilani is a stay-at-home Mom to two beautiful third culture kids and also enjoys providing support to other expats as a Family Coach. Leilani loves to travel (obviously), spend time with her family, and be in nature.
Lily Bray
Lily is an avid solo traveler currently teaching English and living in the countryside of Japan. She's passionate about listening to others, and collecting stories and experiences that she hopes to be able to share with others.
Louise France
Louise is a tour leader/driver for overland adventure tours. She's originally from Wales but has spent the last 10 years working her way around the world. She has had many jobs at various spots including working at a skateboard shop in Canada, as a snowboard instructor in California and as a tour leader in Asia, Africa and the Americas. In 2019, she started a travel blog to share her journeys and inspire others to have their own adventures.
Lynne Lessard
From a small Canadian city, Lynne runs while working in digital marketing for a global NGO based in Malaysia. She first travelled on a student exchange to Italy when she was 16 and has been exploring the world since, including 6 months living in a van through 19 U.S. states. She believes that global connections make the world a better place.
Maayan & Gal
Maayn & Gal are the founders of Smoozitive. They've been expats since forever, so they can easily guess what you're dealing with and help you. They put all their personal experience together with their professional knowledge (Gal is a certified Positive Psychology Coach) into what they do. BTW, could you guess they're sisters? Well yes, they are!
Residing in Northern England with her Master's Degree in Tourism Studies, Maddy From Venice Travel Tips is passionate about sharing her knowledge of Venice. When she is not obsessing over canals and bridges, she is usually travelling to new parts of the world.
Maddie Turk
Maddie is a collegiate volleyball player who played at University of Arizona and SMU. She met her husband in university. He whisked her off with him to live in Bangkok two years later. She'd call herself a “typical” American who never had the chance to travel internationally until she moved to Thailand. Living overseas has given her the opportunity for many things and she looks forward to developing their life in Bangkok.
Maia Gruger
Maia is an adventurous traveler who has chosen to live her life abroad. With a passionate curiosity for different cultures and a desire to explore the world, she has embarked on countless journeys, immersing herself in diverse landscapes, traditions, and people.
Marie & Eric
Eric (🇨🇦) and Marie (🇫🇷) are a travel & expat couple with 9-5 jobs! As they work full-time, they travel on a budget & with time restrictions. On their blog & social media, they help you make the most out of your travels so you can maximize your budget and still *travel as you want*. They do a mix of cheap, mid-range, & luxurious travel to make your dream travels happen on your budget!
Marinella Yule
Travel is in Marinella’s blood. She comes from a very active travel family and when she became of age, she didn’t hold back. Backpacking through Europe, South America and Asia as well as long-distance cycling trips through North America, she has been to over 40 countries and numerous states and provinces of North America. Though she calls Montreal home, she is always on the lookout for new experiences!
Mary Alice Haas
Mary Alice attended college in Stellenbosch, S.A., Bengaluru, India, & graduated from University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in journalism & minor in women’s studies. She is known for giving loud women empowerment toasts & boxing whenever she gets the chance. You can find her strumming a ukulele, dancing to 2000’s hip hop, or using her outside voice.
Melina Louzi
Melina is a Greek-Dutch national that grew up in Greece and has been living in London for the last 5.5 years. She has been an expat since 2011 when she went to study Hospitality Management in Switzerland. She has lived in 4 countries in total. As you can imagine, she loves all things travels, a good sunset and she's a huge advocate of sustainability and doing her bit to help.
Melissa Douglas
Melissa is a British Travel Writer based in Merida, Mexico. She manages and the solo female travel blog High Heels and a Backpack. She has produced content for a number of high-profile travel publications across the globe including Forbes Travel Guide, The Matador Network, and Huff Post.
Melissa Nance
When cancer came knocking at her door Melissa starting to see things in a new way. She realized that later is now and that she had to get busy making dreams a reality. She stepped away from her 20 year career as a nonprofit executive director to live the life of a traveling nomad. She talked her husband into a life of travel and they rented out their house, paid cash for an older RV, and set out to travel for as long as they could.
Meredith San Diego
Whether it's by plane, boat, moped, bus, or train, Meredith LIVES for traveling. As a global citizen with more than 50 passport stamps—her adventure mandatory, nomadic lifestyle offers an intuitive insight into life jet setting around the globe.
Natalie Grimmett
Natalie is the owner of Teachers on a Trip. Her husband Luke and she decided to teach abroad and have never been happier. They get paid more, work in fully-resourced classrooms, and spend their weekends SCUBA diving and advocating for our environment. They'd love to help you on your journey to teach overseas.
Onalea Evert
Onalea is from a small town in Iowa and her husband, Michael, is from a small town in Kansas in the United States. Traveling has always been a dream for Michael. Once Onalea survived a heart attack in 2015 and breast cancer in 2020 she was ready to see the world! They spent 2021 traveling the United States and now they are international!
Pauline Mura
Pauline is a French expat who grew up in Dublin as a child and came back a few years ago, spending 4.5 years there working in a tech company. She loves to travel, explore new cultures and food. She also recently launched the podcast, "Meet the Expats" to stay in touch with fellow expats!
Phoebe Dennis
Phoebe is an Aussie with Greek heritage, who since graduating has worked in a number of industries. She loves trying new things, meeting new people & experiencing as much of the world as she can. She has spent much of her 20’s travelling Europe & has called New Zealand, Sweden, UK & The Netherlands home. When she is not travelling, you can find her searching for the best ramen or vegetarian food in town or drinking a nice red wine & relaxing at home.
Phoenicia Schwing
Phoenicia is an English teacher, freelance writer, and a travel blogger. When she isn't writing or wrangling three year-olds, she can be found language learning in her favorite coffee shop, exploring the city on her motorbike, at home attempting yet another copycat recipe or cuddling her cat, Puppy. She currently calls China home.
Rachael Levine
Rachael is taking a break from her corporate career in Austin to travel the world (her “adult gap year”). Passionate about both travel and personal financial planning, she seeks to encourage and inspire more people to travel earlier in their lives instead of waiting until retirement.
Rachel Sommer
Rachel has been nomadic for four years, after leaving the backpacker trail she started doing artist residencies and working as a social media manager while traveling around the globe. She is dedicated to discovering the best underground must-sees, sharing practical tips for travel, breaking down stigmas of foreign cultures, and inspiring women to finally take the trip they've always wanted to go on.
Rachel White
After teaching for seven years in the States, Rachel was ready for a change. She got her TEFL certification through a school in Peru in October 2021 and started teaching for the same company in December. Her goal is to travel the world, one teaching job at a time.
Rebecca Hoffmann
Rebecca is a long-term Danish expat sharing her experiences and insights on life abroad on the blog Becci Abroad. Having spent over a decade in diverse destinations, from Cuba and Spain to Sweden and Argentina, she offers her best tips on both travel and moving abroad. Her mission is to inspire and empower you to embark on your own global adventure, starting with Argentina and beyond!
Rhena Clark
Rhena is a wife and mom of twin girls. When this native New Yorker isn't writing, she is baking with a podcast going in the background or playing with the family dog Eddi. After living in Bangkok for five years, she is currently living with her family in Austin, Texas.
Rosa Sarmento
Rosa is a digital nomad from Brazil who is crazy about traveling, sushi, and working online. She's currently embracing the remote life in Da Nang, Vietnam. She collaborates with busy entrepreneurs handling time-consuming, day-to-day systems like podcast management, graphic design, and social media strategy.
Rose Ernst
Rose is a full-time traveler and late-diagnosed autist, writing to inspire and inform autistic travelers in navigating nomad life, sensory issues, and house sitting.
Rosella and Lorena
Rossella and Lorena are two Italian friends living in The Netherlands for a few years now. Through their blog, The Expat Magazine, they are building a community around the world for expats and wanna-be expats to share experiences, stories, top tips, and ideas.
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