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The Perfect Internship Abroad with GoAbroad.com in the Philippines

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If you’ve landed here you’re probably interested in travel, you’ve dabbled in marketing, and experiencing the palm trees, sunny weather and street barbecue in the Philippines sounds like an amazing opportunity! If this is you, you’ve landed in the right place. My name is Mary Alice Haas and I am currently completing a content marketing internship in Tacloban City, Philippines with GoAbroad.com.

Happy girl running at Kalanggaman, Philippines
This is my first time experiencing a tropical location and I've fallen in love with small islands, coconut wine, geckos and coral reefs

I’m going to walk you through how to land this same internship but more specifically, I’ll explain who GoAbroad is and what they do, I’ll give you the truth about my experience, of course, I’ll throw in a Cardi B reference, and by the end you’ll have a clear understanding of the internship and if it’s what you’re looking for. I’ll also end with my personal story and if you make it that far in the article (5 stars for you) it might give you that Lizzo confidence you need to pursue a job or internship abroad.

While the Philippines have been an amazing place to call home, another island paradise is Bali, Indonesia.

Requirements to be a Content Marketing Intern

  • Fluent in English
  • Travel Experience
  • Marketing or writing experience (flexible but preferred)
  • A 6-month commitment to live and work in Tacloban City, Philippines
  • 18 years of age or older

What is GoAbroad.com?

GoAbroad is the first organization for online resources for meaningful travel and is ranked #1 among all its competitors. If you’re looking for travel experiences online, GoAbroad.com will connect you to thousands of programs abroad.

It’s the search engine of travel.

Their directory includes adventure travel, study abroad, internships abroad, jobs abroad, teach abroad…whatever you want to do abroad. You can pick a directory, filter the location, add your interest, and search through thousands of programs. It will also provide you with reviews from past participants and interviews with the staff so you know if it’s reliable. 

My favorite tool that GoAbroad has is called the online advisor. You just answer a few questions about what you’re looking for and they will email you program matches abroad based on your information.

WHAT IN THE HECK. You basically have a free travel agent handing you cool travel programs that are specific for you. 

Hut over the water in San Pablo Philippines
If you're looking for a sunny remote island with little tourism and a spot for your hammock, our online advisor might send you a match to san Pablo, one of my favorite islands in the Philippines

Here are your main takeaways (your cheat sheet) for this section:
  1. GoAbroad.com is the best online travel directory among its competitors (you’ll be working for the best of the best) 
  2. It’s a company based on authenticity which is why it offers its users reviews and interviews for each program (you’ll be working for a company that prides itself on integrity).
  3. It gives users programs abroad in a variety of fields (adventure travel, study abroad, volunteering, interning, and jobs abroad) meaning you’ll be doing marketing for a variety of travel opportunities which keeps things fresh and interesting during your internship.

As someone who's interested in marketing, you might also consider working remotely. If you're considering this, these 6 steps to work and travel will help any beginner.

All the details on how to apply and how to land the internship 

How to find this internship!

This is the link to GoAbroad’s career page. You can find all open positions here. If you don’t see the internship listed, DON’T BE ALARMED. It might not be listed but they are always taking interns for the following terms so just send your cover letter, resume, and writing sample (be creative) to this email: careers@goabroad.com with either subject line: 

  • “I Want to Join GoAbroad - [Full Name]”  
  • “I want to Intern in the Philippines - [Full Name]” 

Additionally, if you are interested in video, digital media, or another type of work, they request an example of your previous work as well as the writing sample.

Is the application process intense? 

The application process is not intimidating, but that doesn’t mean you should take it lightly.

All GoAbroad requires is for you to send:

  1. A cover letter & resume/CV
  2. A creative writing sample

However, I was immediately contacted for an interview based on the content of my cover letter and resume.

Make sure your cover letter is personalized and answers why you would be an exceptional candidate for GoAbroad. Relate your past experiences to the travel industry and really sell yourself. Even if you don’t have experience working in the travel industry tell GoAbroad how your past experience can be translated over.

A vibraet red and pink sunset in Tacloban City, Philippines
Here's a look at one of Tacloban's beautiful sunsets. You'll notice a cross, pedicab, and a trike in this photo, you'll see these often in the Philippines

What is the interview process like, can it be done remotely, and will I die!?

I had two Skype interviews and I survived both to tell the story so you won’t die, don’t worry. I was interviewed by my (now) current bosses and they are extremely approachable.

They’re kick-ass women who asked good questions and made me feel comfortable. The conversation flowed easily and by the end, I felt like I was talking to my friends about my love for travel. However, keep in mind this is because I was very well prepared for the interview, I did research about GoAbroad before my interview and knew why I was an excellent fit for the position. 

What's the payment like?

As Cardi B says, “Nothing in this world that I like more than checks.” 

For the internship, GoAbroad offers:

  • A monthly stipend
  • Your flight to and from the Philippines
  • Your accomodation

You’ll be living in the same complex as the office, so all accommodation expenses are included and you don’t have to commute or pay for transportation to work! 

What training do I need for this position?!

This is a content marketing internship so experience or education in marketing, journalism, or English is preferred.

However, if you don’t have much of a background in any of these, try and relate some of your past experiences to this one.

Do you have a creative Instagram? Do you have a personal blog? Do you have any experience in writing? If you do, then highlight your skills!

Lastly, they prefer candidates who have traveled to nontraditional locations or lived abroad but are still open to anyone.

Serious about
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What it’s like working and living in the Philippines? 

Today, as GoAbroad’s content marketing intern, I spend my time overseeing interviews from program alumni who have traveled all over the world as well as staff interviews: the big bosses who run bad ass study abroad companies or who have started their own volunteer organizations.

I run both the GoAbroad Instagram and Fund My Travel Instagram. I write blogs and articles for our website.

I'm also trying to learn everything I possibly can about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keyword research so I’m completing a lot of online certifications.

Friends jumping on a small strip of beach in the Philippines
Outside of the office my co-workers have shown me sunny islands and cooked me plenty of pancit

On the weekends I enjoy Tuba and live music with my friends (tuba is a wine made from coconut water-- healthy right?).

I head to small islands and snorkel above beautiful coral reefs. I eat plenty of street barbecue and bounce through Tacloban on a Jeepney (look it up they’re colorful buses that are the mode of public transportation here in the Philippines). Also, I work extremely hard during the week to soak in everything there is to know about marketing for an online travel company.

What challenges you should prepare for but why it’s worth it

Tacloban is very small and it’s easy to feel boxed in.

Living in the same complex as the office has amazing benefits but can also contribute to this. It can feel like the weeks all look the same but that’s when I know I need to plan a trip and lucky for me this is affordable.

Public transportation can be a bit chaotic and take a long time in the humid heat. Although now I am close with a lot of my coworkers it was very difficult to make friends at first and it has been even more difficult to make friends outside of the office. However, slowly you’ll be able to connect with people and once you do it’s an amazing feeling.

All in all, the sacrifices are definitely worth the amazing experiences and important work you will do.   

A welcoming family and a friend eating a big meal together in the Philippines
On this day I was really missing my family and without knowing one of my co-workers invited me over for fiesta with his family. I stayed until 10 p.m. making fried lumpia and laughing with his mama and sister. It changed my entire day!

Most importantly, you will most likely be offered a chance to extend your internship or take a more permanent position if there is a spot open in the company. If you decide to move on, GoAbroad is connected to thousands of providers in the industry and they are happy to reach out to their connections. I have found this to be one of the greatest benefits of the internship because GoAbroad is known throughout international education and this internship will set you up for an amazing next step!!

If you have further questions or want to make a comment on this article feel free to reach out to me.

I hope this piece gave you a more clear idea of what life is like as a content marketing intern in the Philippines and how to apply.

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