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12 Best Day Trips From Trieste (From an Expat)

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Trieste is one of those hidden gems I never even knew was part of Italy until moving here. It takes a few zooms on the map to show that it's not part of Slovenia like it looks but the far corner of the Italian border.

This location might not excite you if you dream of exploring famous Italian cities like Rome, Naples, or Florence but instead it gives you a great opportunity to get to know Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia in one go.

If you're living in Trieste like I am or will be moving here soon, spread these day trips out and visit a different spot each weekend. If you're just visiting and are on the hunt for the best things to do in Trieste, taking a day trip is a great option once you've seen the main spots in the city center.

As a quick glance, we'll cover these suggestions.

Day trips from Trieste to Croatia:

  • Rovinj
  • Motovun
  • Pula

Day Trips from Trieste to Slovenia:

  • Piran
  • Ljubljana
  • Lake Bled
  • Triglav National Park

Day Trips from Trieste within Italy:

  • Udine
  • Monte Zoncolan
  • Tarvisio
  • Treviso
  • Venice

Most of these day trips I've already taken but a few are on my list for the upcoming months. With the sea, mountains, and cute towns, there's a lot to see and do while in Trieste.

Short on time? Here’s the cheat sheet:

🌍Day trips from Trieste can spread across 3 countries: Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia, and 3 different environments: beaches, mountains, and charming towns/cities. 

⌛Have minimal time? My #1 day trip recommendation is Rovinj in the summer, Ljubljana in the spring or fall, and Tarvisio in the winter.

🏥Accidents happen so come prepared with nomad insurance, just in case!

💰In general, Trieste is an affordable destination. Regardless, why not earn travel rewards on all expenses with a Capital One Venture Card.

🚅Within Italy, the best way to travel is by train. Book your tickets in advance with Trainline.

🚗To Slovenia or Croatia, the best way to travel is by renting a car or Flixbus

🎭Rather go with a guide? GetYourGuide and Viator offer a wide variety of tours and activities to suit your schedule, budget, and interests. 

Things to Know Before You Go

A Venetian style building put infront of a bright blue sky

Before we dive into the good stuff, there are a few things to know that'll help you plan your trips from Trieste with ease.

I know just how exciting it is to look towards the big hike, bucket list city, or beach of my dreams and forget about all of the little things in between that’ll make your trip run as smoothly as possible. Be sure to take into consideration these few things before you go to make sure you get all the good bits of your trip without the stress. 

  • The best times of the year to visit depend on what you want to do. The day trips from Trieste are incredibly diverse so if you're going to a beach, you'll enjoy it best in the summer. The cities are best enjoyed in fall and spring. Hiking in the national park is ideal in fall and snowboarding or skiing in the mountains is only possible in winter and early spring.
  • Make sure you have travel insurance. A good travel insurance, like SafetyWing, will ensure you’re covered in case of emergencies. While you will have to pay upfront for your doctor or hospital costs, unless it’s for a pre-existing condition, you can file a claim and should be reimbursed. For any Americans reading this, fear not, healthcare in pretty much every other country is far more affordable than ours, even if you’re paying out of pocket. 
  • Do your best to learn a few local phrases in Italian. No, I’m not expecting you to be able to have a fluid conversation with locals at the bus stop if you’re just visiting their country for a week but knowing your numbers (for prices), how to order something (“I would like…”), and basic greetings really will take you a long way. Mondly is a great app for phrases and vocabulary. 
  • Book any popular tours you want to do in advance. I’m really not a great planner and I’ve made this mistake more times than I can count. I plan a trip to a destination knowing that I want to do a sailboat trip or food tour and wait until the day before to book only to realize it’s not available the day I’m in town. Don’t make that mistake - if there is something you know you want to do - book your tour in advance.
  • Same thing goes for rental cars. If you want to rent a car to be able to access all these day trips, do it in advance. Prices will be more affordable and that way you’re guaranteed to have your wheels waiting for you.
  • Before you start booking your flights, hotels, and tours, consider opening up a travel credit card. Thanks to our Capital One Venture card, my husband and I have gotten countless free flights just by gaining points on everyday expenses. This tip certainly isn’t mandatory but it is helpful.

Where to Stay in Trieste

The main piazza in Trieste on a cold winter day while the buildings are in the shade.

Whether you're moving to Trieste or just here for a trip, you need a great place to stay. Even for those moving here, I recommend booking a hotel or a vacation rental home while you apartment hunt in person.

I personally live in San Vito and love living in this area for great sea views and easy access to the center of town but if you're just visiting Trieste, staying in the city center will be the most convenient.

These are the best places to stay in Trieste to set you up for a fantastic trip and give you a comfortable place to stay between all the exciting day trips we have lined up:

  • Budget Option: Trieste Center Rooms & Apartments. These apartments are spacious and perfectly located right next to Viale XX Settembre, one of the best walking streets in the city.
  • Mid-Range Option: Urbanauts Studios. These trendy studio apartments are located right in Cavana, the coolest and most walkable area in Trieste.
  • Luxury Option: Savoia Excelsior Palace. Stay right on the Adriatic Sea and right to Piazza Unità d'Italia and the canal, two of Trieste's must-sees.

Best Day Trips From Trieste

1. Rovinj, Croatia

A bright coastal town in Croatia with small boats in the marina docked in front of Old Town.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 1h 20 m by car, 2h by Flixbus
  • Why Visit: Enjoy the bright architecture and winding alleyways
  • What to Do: Walk, go for a swim, and shop
  • Who It's Best For: Couples or girlfriends looking for a cute getaway

I love Croatia and have spent a lot of time in the country, traversing it from north to south. Rovinj instantly became one of my favorite places in Croatia after spending a day here.

Rovinj strangely enough feels more Italian than Trieste does. Here you'll want to spend most of your time walking aimlessly in the Old Town. It's surrounded on 3 sides by the water so you don't need to stress about getting lost or really having much of a plan, which personally make for my favorite places to visit.

Just be sure to get a gelato from Ombra and make it to the furthest point on the inlet to enjoy the sea views and if the weather is warm enough find a nice sunny spot to sunbathe on the rocks and dive into the clear blue sea.

Where to Stay in Rovinj

You can easily visit Rovinj as a day trip but if you combine this visit with other places on this list, you might want to stay the night to not have to rush through multiple stops.

  • Budget Option: Villa Nea: Located right in the heart of Old Town, this apartment is situated on a quiet alleyway and offers sea views.
  • Mid-Tier Option: The Melegran: Stay at a trendy hotel with a superb breakfast and a variety of room sizes and interiors.
  • Luxury Option: Grand Park Hotel Rovinj: Get unbeatable views of town and the marina from your room and the infinity pool by staying around the bay. Don't worry though, it's only a quick 10 minute walk into town.

2. Motovun, Croatia

An old castle over the hills that has been renovated for an outdoor restaurants.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 1h by car
  • Why Visit: To visit the land of truffles
  • What to Do: Enjoy the scenic view and eat all the truffles you can
  • Who It's Best For: Foodies

Motovun was only brought to our attention when we were moving to Trieste from Bihać and wanted to break up the drive. A friend recommended we plan to eat lunch on the hilltop village and I'm so glad we did.

If you're a fan of truffles, this needs to be the number 1 day trip on your list and even if you're not so sure about them, this is where you'll have the freshest ones to really see how you feel. Before visiting Motovun, my husband wasn't so sure about truffles but now he suggests going back for lunch as soon as the weather warms back up.

The village is small but I recommend giving yourself some extra time to walk along the fortress walls that still surround it and enjoy the views from all directions.

If you don't want to drive yourself, another option is to join in on a tour from Trieste. This Istrian food tour takes you to Hum, Grožnjan, & Motovun.

Where to Stay in Motovun

Motovun is incredibly small so you don't need much time here but if you want a quiet place to really get away from it all, this would be a great choice.

  • Budget Option: Teta San: Located a quick drive from Motovun village this guest house offers a terrace and hot tub.
  • Mid-Tier Option: Villa Borgo B&B: Set in the heart of Motovun, this cozy hotel offers rooms with balconies overlooking town and the valley below.
  • Luxury Option: Winery & Design Hotel ROXANICH: Just down the hill from Motovun, relax at the outdoor swimming pool and the serenity of the landscape.
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3. Pula, Croatia

The old Roman amphitheater in Pula, a great day trip from Trieste, against a bright blue sky.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 1h 30m by car, 2h 45m by Flixbus
  • Why Visit: To see the Roman amphitheater
  • What to Do: Soak up the history and walk around Old Town
  • Who It's Best For: History buffs

Did you know that Pula has the 6th largest Roman amphitheater in the world? And it's the biggest and most well-preserved in all of Croatia?

If you're chasing historic monuments, this is one not to miss.

The Old Town in Pula is cute too but compared to Rovinj, I would make the drive for the history more than anything else. On the way down you'll pass by Štinjan, a small town with beautiful beaches and crystal clear water if you want to hop in for a dip.

Where to Stay in Pula

Pula is the farthest day trip suggestion down the Croatian coast so this would be a convenient place to stay if you want to hit all of the Istrian and Slovenian coast recommendations.

  • Budget Option: Polesana Rooms: Super close to Old Town, this hotel is clean, cozy, and super affordable.
  • Mid-Tier Option: Arena Design Apartments: Located in the center of town, just steps from the amphitheater, this apartment has everything you need for a comfortable stay.
  • Luxury Option: Giardini Penthouse: Get a lot more space in a modern environment with stunning views of the sea and Pula below.

4. Piran, Slovenia

An image taken behind the old town in Piran with the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomites in the haze beyond.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 45m by car, 1h by Flixbus (but you'll need to get a local bus from Portorož)
  • Why Visit: For its well-preserved medieval architecture
  • What to Do: Climb the bell tower of St. George's Parish Church for panoramic views, relax on the beach, and enjoy fresh seafood
  • Who It's Best For: Couples or those that enjoy quaint towns

Perched on Slovenia's Adriatic coast, Piran is a gem of a town, just a quick drive from Trieste. Here you can see Slovenia's rich history where Venetian and Mediterranean blend mix perfectly.

Don't miss the iconic Tartini Square, named after the famous violinist Giuseppe Tartini, where you can sip coffee at outdoor cafes and soak in the lively atmosphere. For panoramic views of the town and the Adriatic Sea, climb up the bell tower of St. George's Parish Church.

Or decide to simply amble your way through the alleyways, read your book on the coast, and enjoy a big seafood meal. Like Rovinj, Piran is surrounded on 3 sides by water so put your phone down and stroll without distraction and the need to follow a map.

Want to see more of the Slovenian coast? Take a guided tour that'll take you to Piran, Portorož, Izola and Koper.

Where to Stay in Piran

Can't get enough of the views? Stay a night or two in Piran and let the surroundings fully relax you.

  • Budget Option: Apartment Niko: Enjoy a full apartment just steps away from Punta Piran Beach where you can take a tip in the summer.
  • Mid-Tier Option: MEMENTO B&B: Breakfast is included at this centrally located hotel where the rooms ooze with charm.
  • Luxury Option: Apartment Buena Vista Piran: Get the best of both worlds here with a fully equipped, charming apartment with a sea view and instant access to Old Town.

5. Ljubljana, Slovenia

A sunny day in the Old Town of Ljubljana with old, renovated homes on the river.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 1h by car, 1h30m by Flixbus, 2h40m by train
  • Why Visit: To explore a lesser-known European capital city
  • What to Do: Count how many dragons you spot and walk up to Ljubljana Castle
  • Who It's Best For: Those interested in city life

I absolutely adore Ljubljana. This beautiful city isn't nearly as visited as its neighbors and I can't understand why.

When my husband and I first visited Ljubljana back in 2016, we immediately fell in love. The locals are friendly, the architecture is stunning, and the food was delicious. After going back I can confirm: the city is as wonderful as I remembered.

Be sure to cross the iconic Triple Bridge spanning the Ljubljanica River, which leads to the Preseren Square, a bustling hub lined with cafes, shops, and sometimes street performers. Dominating the skyline is Ljubljana Castle, perched atop Castle Hill, offering panoramic views of the cityscape below.

Just be sure to come hungry - you'll want to eat as many meals as possible while here!

Where to Stay in Ljubljana

Easily one of my favorite European cities, a day trip to Slovenia is one of the best things to do in Trieste. Trust me though, you might feel like you need to stay overnight and enjoy more time here.

  • Budget Option: The Book Nest: Located in a historic building, this small apartment has everything you need for a cozy stay, plus plenty of books!
  • Mid-Tier Option: Urban Boutique Hotel: Just steps from the heart of Old Town, you'll be hard pressed to find a better part of town to stay.
  • Luxury Option: Castle View Palace: Perfectly placed in the city center, this luxury apartment can comfortably sleep 5 adults.

6. Lake Bled, Slovenia

An overhead view of Bled Island at Lake Bled, a stunning day trip from Trieste.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 1h40m by car, 2h45m by Flixbus
  • Why Visit: To see one of Slovenia's most iconic destinations
  • What to Do: Walk around the lake and take a boat ride to Bled Island
  • Who It's Best For: Families, couples, & those that enjoy picturesque scenery

Lake Bled is a postcard-perfect destination that exudes natural beauty and tranquility. Walking around Lake Bled will make you feel as though you've been transported back in time to a fairytale land.

We spent just one night in Lake Bled, staying in the main town so we didn't have time to do everything possible but a highlight for us was walking around the lake to see it from every angle. On the west side of the lake there are a variety of hiking trails that'll give you a better vantage point. From there, you can see the Julian Alps in the background.

Be sure to indulge in the local specialty, Bled cream cake, a decadent treat consisting of layers of vanilla custard, whipped cream, and crispy pastry.

Combine a trip to Lake Bled and Ljubljana together and opt for a guided bus tour instead of driving yourself.

Where to Stay in Lake Bled

While we stayed in town when we visited Lake Bled, if I visit again, I would stay on one of the quieter sides of the lake to fully enjoy the tranquility of the area.

  • Budget Option: Apartment Muznik: These apartments are situated just a quick walk from the shores of Lake Bled and have all you need for a comfy stay.
  • Mid-Tier Option: Vila Alice Bled: This adults-only hotel is situated in a private garden in Bled and offers a sauna to relax after a day on your feet.
  • Luxury Option: Hotel Starkl: Located on the southern side of the lake, enjoy stunning views right from your hotel room.

7. Triglav National Park, Slovenia

A view of Triglav Peak in Triglav National Park, a great destination for hiking from Trieste.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 1h30m by car
  • Why Visit: To immerse yourself in pristine nature
  • What to Do: Hiking, biking, and waterfall chasing
  • Who It's Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts & nature photographers

Renowned as one of Europe's most pristine wilderness areas, Triglav National Park captivates visitors with its rugged beauty, towering peaks, and crystalline rivers. Named after Slovenia's highest mountain, Mount Triglav, the park encompasses a diverse range of landscapes, from lush valleys and alpine meadows to dramatic gorges and glacial lakes.

If you're a sucker for nature, you want to make a day trip to Triglav.

The Soča River, known as the "Emerald Beauty," alone is worth the trip with the color of water almost hard to believe. On top of that though, you can admire waterfalls like Savica and Peričnik and enjoy a wide variety of hiking trails. In the summer and early fall, whitewater rafting is a popular activity although I've never done that here.

This national park offers an unforgettable escape into the wilderness, just a short journey from Trieste.

Where to Stay in Triglav National Park

Since Triglav, Lake Bled, and Ljubljana are all in the same part of Slovenia, I recommend spending the night in one of the areas so you can cross all 3 places off your list instead of just choosing one.

  • Budget Option: Apartma Vovk: Located in Mojstrana, enjoy stunning mountain views from this apartment rental, suitable for up to 6 people.
  • Mid-Tier Option: Apartmaji Tina: Situated in Zgornje Gorje, you can easily get to the hiking trails from here.
  • Luxury Option: Chalet Hike&Bike: This adorable cottage is ideal for those that want complete serenity, great views, and easy access to nature.

8. Udine, Italy

A relatively quiet piazza in Udine, only 1 hour away from Trieste.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 1h by car, 1h by train
  • Why Visit: For the Renaissance architecture & well-preserved history
  • What to Do: Have a drink at Piazza della Libertà and visit Udine Castle
  • Who It's Best For: History buffs & those interested in regional cuisine

Just an hour north of Trieste sits Udine. Personally, I love this city. It's small but absolutely stunning and looks like a smaller Verona in my opinion, plus the food and wine here is a 10/10.

Really what you're going to want to do in Udine is walk around Old Town, have a glass of Prosecco or local wine at the main Piazza, and do a little shopping before heading over to Udine Castle. If you're interested in trying a local delicacy, you need to seek out prosciutto di San Daniele. San Daniele is a small town just outside of Udine but Udine itself also is a big vendor of this meat.

Another local dish is frico but frico can also be tried in Trieste. It's a crispy cheese and potato dish that's a true comfort food.

Where to Stay in Udine

Although you can see the main gems of Udine in a day trip from Trieste, if you want more time here (or to use it as your home base to explore the mountains), there are plenty of great places to stay in town.

  • Budget Option: Uno Sguardo Sui Tetti: This one-bedroom apartment is located just next to the train station and comes with breakfast included.
  • Mid-Tier Option: Mercatovecchio Luxury Suites: Prefer a hotel? The rooms here are full of unique character and trendy decor.
  • Luxury Option: Mercatovecchio Luxury Apartments: This two-bedroom apartment is nothing short of extraordinary. You'll be in the heart of Old Town with picture-perfect views.

9. Tarvisio, Italy

The picturesque mountain top village on Monte Lussari on a snowy day.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 2h by car
  • Why Visit: For a beautiful town surrounded by pristine nature
  • What to Do: Hiking in the summer and winter sports in the winter
  • Who It's Best For: Those that enjoy outdoor sports

Tarvisio is situated near the border with Austria and Slovenia in the Julian Alps. While the town itself is super cute, the main allure is Monte Lussari, or the Lussari Peak. It's also the host of the No Borders Music Festival.

Regardless of the time of year, I highly recommend you take the cable car up to Monte Lussari from Camporosso to see the town that's perched on the mountaintop. It honestly feels like something out of a movie, especially in the winter when everything is snow covered.

When we visited for the day, I felt like we had wandered into a snow globe.

Since we had our dog and cat with us, we didn't go snowboarding here, although there are slopes. In general though, the slopes are better suited for skiers because you actually need to navigate through the small town to enjoy all the slopes available, which isn't super easy on a board. The best run on the mountain is a black diamond so more advanced skiers will most likely have the most fun here.

In the summer, fall, and maybe late spring based on the weather, you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and paragliding here.

Where to Stay in Tarvisio

If you're here to ski, treat yourself to a night here to avoid a super long day out.

  • Budget Option: Maggioni Silvia: Get a great deal on this large 3-bedroom pet-friendly house rental in Tarvisio.
  • Mid-Tier Option: Stella Alpina: This 1-bedroom apartment can sleep 4 and is walking distance to downtown Tarvisio.
  • Luxury Option: Golfchalet 3 Confini: Enjoy golf in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. This 4-bedroom house is surrounded by nature and pet-friendly.

10. Monte Zoncolan, Italy

The top of Monte Zoncolan on a snowy, blue sky day, perfect for the slopes.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 2h by car
  • Why Visit: To enjoy outdoor sports
  • What to Do: To go hiking and mountain biking in the summer and skiing/snowboarding in the winter
  • Who It's Best For: Adventure sport enthusiasts

While I had never heard of Monte Zoncolan before moving to Italy, it's apparently world-renowned in the cycling world as one of the toughest climbs out there, all while offering great views alongside the steep gradients and hairpin bends.

I'm much more suitable for hiking and snowboarding so I can't say I've been up to Zoncolan on a bike but we've spent many weekends here this past winter on the slopes.

It's certainly not the biggest ski resort in the area but it is the closest spot from Trieste (tied with Tarvisio) and is much more affordable for rentals and lift tickets than places a bit farther north in the Dolomites.

The slopes are a nice mix of blues, reds, and blacks and offer stunning views of the surrounding Carnic Alps. Meanwhile, in summer and fall, the area is well-known for offering a wide network of trails.

Where to Stay in Monte Zoncolan

Like I recommended in Tarvisio, if you plan to hit the slopes or challenge yourself on the bike, I would recommend staying the night to avoid an incredibly long day. The closest town to the peak is Ravascletto, a sleepy mountain town.

  • Budget Option: Casa Vacanze: This 5-bedroom pet-friendly house is located right in the center of Ravascletto.
  • Mid-Tier Option: La Casa del Cucù: Just 1km from the cable car, this pet-friendly house rental is surrounded by nature.
  • Luxury Option: Monte Zoncolan Rifugio: This log cabin apartment is situated right on the slopes, so you won't find a better location if you're here for skiing or hiking.

11. Treviso, Italy

One of the canals in Treviso that ends in a beautiful white building.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 2h by car, 2h by train, 2h30m by Flixbus
  • Why Visit: For less chaotic Venice vibes & visit the home of Tiramisu
  • What to Do: Enjoy the architecture, shop, and eat
  • Who It's Best For: Architecture buffs & those that enjoy small towns

Just north of Venice you'll find "Little Venice," otherwise known as Treviso. Treviso is a Northern Italy gem that offers picturesque canals, historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. Plus, as the birthplace of Tiramisu, you hardly need another reason to visit.

The best plan in Treviso is no plan, unless there's a specific restaurant you want to try. In that case, I recommend making a reservation in advance. I learned the hard way that on weekends at midday it can get busy.

After you've explored the center of town, I recommend you walk along the old city walls. The northern side is now a park area with trees and benches. On the southern side, you'll walk along the Sile River. If you want to see Italian villas, stay inside the city walls but on the western side of town. I wandered that way and loved looking at the homes over there.

Where to Stay in Treviso

If you have more time to spend or want to stay overnight, I recommend visiting the Prosecco vineyards that dot the hillsides around town.

  • Budget Option: Terzopiano: Modern decor and comfortable interiors nestled in a historic building between town center and the train station.
  • Mid-Tier Option: Casatua: This cozy 1-bedroom apartment has all you'll need for a great night or 2 in Treviso.
  • Luxury Option: Apartment Deluxe Isola Di Mezzo: Situated near the train station just inside the city walls, this apartment has everything you need for a remarkable stay.

12. Venice, Italy

The Grand Canal in Venice on a clear day with boats crossing the water.
  • Travel Time From Trieste: 2h by car, 2h by train, 2h40m by Flixbus
  • Why Visit: To see one of the world's most famous icons
  • What to Do: Get lost in the alleyways, shop, eat, and drink
  • Who It's Best For: Everyone! But architecture buffs & photographers will really love

Venice needs little introduction, as one of the most iconic and romantic cities in the world, known for its labyrinthine canals, stunning architecture, and rich cultural heritage. While most think Venice is a tourist trap, I completely disagree. The city has tourist traps, yes, but if you allow yourself to roam, you'll find plenty of quiet alleyways where the views are all your own.

If you're here, you'll most likely want to see the timeless beauty of St. Mark's Square and just out of necessity you'll need to cross Rialto Bridge at some point but other than a few minutes in these places, the rest of Venice is really what you want to explore.

Dorsoduro is my favorite area of Venice, where far fewer tourists hang out. Here you can find plenty of quiet alleyways and idyllic canals, plus more affordable bars and restaurants. Getting a little hungry? Try cicchetti, small bites of bread with a wide variety of toppings. Cicchetti can be found in Trieste and other parts of Northern Italy but the tradition, alongside Aperol, hails from Venice.

Venice promises an unforgettable day trip from Trieste, filled with romance, history, and enchantment.

Where to Stay in Venice

Need more time to visit the surrounding islands of Murano or Burano? Stay the night in Venice - trust me, you'll be happy for the extra time.

  • Budget Option: Ca Bea: 15 minutes from Santa Lucia Train Station, this hotel has just what you need with no frills.
  • Mid-Tier Option: Ca Dell'Arte: Want to stay in Venice and actually feel like you're in Venice? These rooms are decorated in memory of the great Venetian artists.
  • Luxury Option: San Vio Palace: I stayed here when my mom came to visit and we loved it. The canal views from the bedroom and the quiet location make it the perfect place to stay.

Which Day Trips From Trieste Will You Take?

Living or visiting Trieste has its perks and one of the best is certainly the variety of day trips you can take from here.

From the Slovenian Coast to the Istrian Peninsula and of course the gems of Northern Italy, you certainly won't run out of weekends away if you base yourself in Trieste. The biggest question you'll have to ask yourself is, which day trip from Trieste will you take first?

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