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Italy's Digital Nomad Visa: How to Work Remotely from Italy
Dream of working remotely from Italy? Now you can with the newly launched digital nomad visa in Italy. Learn the requirements and how to apply.
Living Abroad
Is Trieste Safe? Important Info & Tips For 2024
Heading to Trieste but worried about safety? Find out is Trieste safe for a trip or to live there from a current expat who lives in Trieste.
Living Abroad
An Expat's Guide to Living in Trieste, Italy
Moving to Trieste, Italy? See what it's really like living in Trieste and if this is the best Italian city for you to move to, too.
Living Abroad
Expat Life in Northern Italy
Welcome to La Dolce Vita! Here's the truth about living in Northern Italy, striped away from it's picturesque glamor.
Living Abroad
An Expat's Guide to Living in Florence, Italy
Want to move abroad to Italy? Find out what life is like living in Florence. Learn about the best areas of the city and the reality of living in Florence.

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21 Best Restaurants in Trieste (from an Expat)
Although a small city, there are so many great restaurants in Trieste. These are my top picks after living in Trieste for a year.
Travel Guides
The Perfect Weekend on Lake Como: 3-Day Travel Guide
Eager for an idyllic 3-day weekend on Lake Como? This Lake Como travel guide has you covered on what to do, where to stay, and helpful travel tips.
Travel Guides
Puglia Travel Guide: 3-Day Itinerary
Puglia is bursting at the seams with charm, natural beauty, and great food. Take this Puglia travel guide to plan your perfect 3-day trip to Italy's heel.
Travel Guides
Matera Travel Guide: 3-Day Itinerary
Planning a vacation to Matera? This Matera travel guide will walk you through a 3-day trip, complete with things to do, best restaurants, and where to stay.
Travel Guides
12 Best Day Trips From Trieste (From an Expat)
Expand your trip to Trieste and add in a day trip or 2. These 12 day trips from Trieste to Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy are well worth your time.
Travel Guides
11 Best Things to Do in Trieste (From an Expat)
Visiting Trieste but can't decide how to spend your time? These are the best things to do in Trieste but some FAQs to make your time here incredible.
Travel Guides
The Perfect Weekend in Verona: 3-Day Travel Guide
Planning the perfect weekend getaway to Verona? This 3-day travel guide to Verona has everything you need to see and do plus some helpful travel tips.
Travel Guides
A Foodie's Guide to What to Eat in Bologna, Italy
Bologna, better know as the Italian gastronomical capital, is a foodie must-visit. These are the 9 best foods to eat in Bologna that you shouldn't miss.
Travel Guides
10 Best Day Trips From Florence, Italy (From an Expat)
Enjoy Tuscany by exploring it's many picturesque towns, cities, and vineyards. Learn about the 10 best day trips from Florence to add to your Italy itinerary!