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Is Da Nang Safe? Important Info & Tips For 2024

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I've been living all around the world for over a decade now, giving me the chance to try out life in a lot of different cities and towns.

Some I've felt safe in, some I haven't.

To be completely honest, living in Da Nang left me somewhere in the middle in terms of safety. For the 2 years I lived there, I never had a single incident but there were moments that I didn't necessarily feel safe.

A lot of women will know what I mean by that one.

On paper, yes, Da Nang is an incredibly safe place but in reality, there might be times where you don't feel particularly safe.

Do I still think it's a fantastic place to live? Yes, absolutely. But do I think you should take some precautions, especially my solo female travelers, again, yes.

Let's dive into the details on if Da Nang is a safe destination for expats and travelers.

Short on time? Here's the cheat sheet:

🛟In general, Da Nang is a safe city day and night, for visitors or expats.  

⚠️I would only avoid walking around after the sun goes down as a solo female traveler because many alleyways are not well lit.

🛏️Looking for a safe place to stay? Sofiana My Khe Hotel & Spa is just a few blocks from the beach and An Thuong, the heart of the tourist area to be able to quickly and easily walk where you want to go.

📚While it’s not mandatory to know Vietnamese to travel here, you might feel more comfortable at least knowing basic words and phrases. Mondly is a great app for that!

🛵I'd only drive a motorbike once you get an understanding of how traffic flows here.

🚕Instead of using regular taxis, download the app Grab, the Southeast Asian version of Uber.

🎭There are a lot of things to do in Da Nang. If you want a guide, GetYourGuide, Viator, and Klook offer a wide variety of tours and activities to suit your schedule, budget, and interests. 

🏥Accidents happen so come prepared with nomad insurance, just in case!

Is Da Nang Safe?

Da Nang is a generally safe destination.

Like I said, in 2 years of living there, I never had anything happen: from petty crimes to something larger to myself, to any friend or even an acquaintance.

But here's what I meant about feeling safe vs. actually being safe:

Many of the neighborhoods get quite dark at night. I have a dog so would of course need to take him out before going to bed. After doing this a couple of times, I asked my husband to take over that duty.

Most women will understand that regardless of where in the world you are, it's hard to feel safe walking around at night alone in dim or dark alleyways. I felt the need to constantly look over my shoulder and be on high alert.

Same goes with traffic. I drove my own motorbike when living in Da Nang and loved, loved, loved it. But the traffic is a bit wild so there will be moments either when driving yourself or on the back of another bike where you might feel unsafe on the roads.

Is Da Nang Safe at Night?

To piggyback off what I said above about there being many dark alleyways, Da Nang in general is safe at night but as a woman, I wouldn't recommend to other women to walk around at night by yourself.

I have heard of situations where men, foreign and local, will drive up on their bike and pester women, saying obscene things, making gross gestures, and urging them to hop on the back of the bike.

Again, I never heard of anything going farther than verbal harassment but let's be honest, verbal harassment isn't very fun.

Compared to many cities all over the world, especially those as big as Da Nang, it is far more safe at night and during the day than most but I do think it's important to realize the potential dangers you might face as a tourist or expat.

Is Da Nang Safe to Live?

On a day-to-day basis, Da Nang is a super wonderful place to live. My husband and I have lived in a handful of places in Southeast Asia and Da Nang is easily my favorite spot.

Petty theft exists but isn't common, landlords are generally honest, Grab (an app like Uber) makes it so you can't get ripped off by taxis, and while you should exercise caution while driving, motorcycle accidents and car accidents aren't as common as they are in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.

Da Nang is certainly one of the best places to live in Vietnam.

Is Da Nang Safe for Pets?

Trigger warning to animal lovers

I travel full-time with a dog and cat but actually adopted my dog when living in Da Nang.

One of the biggest concerns I had while living there was the almost near constant threat that someone would try to steal him or poison him for the dog-meat market.

The dog-meat market has been shut down in much of Central Vietnam, including Da Nang, and the rest of Southern Vietnam but still thrives in the north. It's a lucrative trade that has a lot of pressure on itself to shut down so those that work in the industry are getting a little desperate to keep it alive.

It wasn't uncommon to hear of stories of people getting their dog stolen from their garden or snatched on a walk.

Other tactics involve leaving a special type of poison on the streets for street dogs to eat, killing them quick enough that the poison doesn't enter their bloodstream, leaving the meat still safe for consumption.

Luckily, Bandido, my dog, wasn't much of a scavenger on our walks, but it did force me to keep my eyes down, just in case.

I don't say these things to turn you off of living here but if you're moving to Da Nang with your pet or plan to adopt one while living here like I did, it's important you're aware of the risks.

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Safety Tips For Da Nang

Although Da Nang is generally safe, there are some helpful tips that can keep your time in Da Nang as positive of an experience as possible.

#1: Keep Your Head on a Swivel

This is one of the biggest safety tips for female travelers that I always share. It's something my dad has repetitively told me ever since moving abroad in 2013 and that's to keep your head on a swivel.

What he means by that is to always look around you and be aware of your surroundings.

By doing this, getting caught off guard will be way less likely on the odd chance you find yourself in an unsafe situation in Da Nang. More likely than not though, you won't need to avoid anything but instead, this will give you peace of mind while you're out and about.

#2: Let Someone Know Your Plans

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a partner in Da Nang, it's a good idea to let someone else know your plans.

There are plenty of things to do in Da Nang so you'll be eager to explore while here.

Again, this is more for peace of mind than anything else but popping off a quick message to a pal telling them your general plan for the day will make you feel more at ease while you're out exploring this beautiful city.

#3: Avoid Walking Alone at Night

I won't harp on this too much since we already talked about it above but I would avoid walking alone at night, especially as a solo female traveler. This is mainly due to poor lighting in areas more so than anything else.

#4: Build Confidence Before Renting a Motorbike

One of the biggest safety concerns most have when first arriving in Vietnam is road safety.

Traffic here is seriously wild but I promise, there is a method to the madness.

Take some time to watch the flow of traffic to get adjusted to it before renting or buying a bike. If you've driven before and are confident behind the wheel, I still recommend you take a day or 2 because the traffic rules you're most likely used to don't apply here.

If you've never driven before, grab a pal to give you some lessons before hitting the road.

I absolutely loved driving my bike while living in Vietnam but really needed that time to get used to the wild roads before jumping right in.

#5: Use That Confidence to Cross the Street, Too

Speaking of confidence, you'll need it to cross the street, too. Crosswalks aren't super common and even when they do exist, drivers don't always listen to them.

If you're in a crowded area, waiting for a break in the traffic can take all day. Instead you need to grab the road by the horns and go for it.

To cross the street in Vietnam, you need to walk with meaning. Pick a pace and stick with it, avoid stopping abruptly, running, slowing way down, or backtracking. Make eye contact with the drivers and cross.

The drivers will rarely stop. Instead they'll usually veer to go behind you. That's why it's important you don't change your pace or backtrack.

Also do look both ways, even on a 1-way street, as you never really know where a motorbike will sneak by.

#6: Use Grab Instead of Taxis

Before moving or traveling to Vietnam, download the app Grab. This is like the Uber of Southeast Asia and will be a lifesaver.

It's not uncommon to hear of taxis charging high prices but with Grab, the price is set by the system and you can pay with your card or cash.

The only time it can be tough is to get a Grab at the airport. You usually have to leave the airport to meet them on the street. At the terminal, you'll only find taxis. This can be most convenient when you first arrive in Da Nang but know you might end up paying double or triple the actual cost.

Grab also works as a food delivery app, just by the way!

#7: Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

Just like anywhere in the world, keep an eye on your belongings when you're out and about. Again, I've never had an issue or even heard of an issue in Da Nang but it's better to be on the safe side.

Don't leave your purse or phone unattended or hanging out your back pocket. Even though the city is generally safe, you don't want to make it easy on those who might be tempted by a quick grab.

Safe Places To Stay in Da Nang

These are the best places to stay, mainly for tourists. These hotels are near the beautiful beaches, bars, and restaurants so if you do end up staying out late or wanting to walk, you won't have far to go.

If you move to Da Nang, there are other great neighborhoods to live in but these below serve as a great starting off point.

📍These 3 hotel options below are located in the most central part of the city.

  • Budget Option: Sofiana My Khe Hotel & Spa: Like any good hotel in Da Nang, you’ll get a rooftop view and a trendy room just 2 blocks from My Khe Beach.
  • Mid-Range Option: Stella Maris Beach Danang: Located a bit more north but still on the beach, Stella still offers the view and the pool but in a more modern environment outside of the heart of the tourist area. 
  • Luxury Option: Sala Danang Beach Hotel: Situated near Stella Maris, this hotel also offers a swimming pool and stunning views but the standards continue to rise here. 


Ready to enjoy a fantastic trip to Da Nang? Or, if you're like me, move here and soak up the beautiful nature and low cost of living that Vietnam has to offer?

These are just a few more frequently asked questions you might be hoping I answer.

Is Da Nang a Walkable City?

In general, yes, Da Nang is walkable.

How walkable though will depend on where you're staying and what you're aiming to do. If you book your hotel in An Thuong or other touristy areas, you can walk to the beaches, bars, restaurants, and shops.

If you stay in a more local neighborhood, you can still walk, but the walk can be long so you might prefer to use a bike or motorbike as your main means of transportation.

Note that Da Nang is divided in 2 by the Han River. The beachside is home to the tourism sector and, obviously, the beaches, and the cityside is home to the city center, where you can see the more local way of life.

I highly recommend you spend time in both areas while in Da Nang but walking from one side to the other will be a long day (although not impossible as it's still all connected by sidewalks).

Is the Water Safe to Drink?

I wouldn't drink the tap water while in Vietnam. If you move here, ask your neighbors, landlord, or other expats how to order the big multi-gallon water jugs. That's what everyone, even locals, do for drinking water.

If you're here on a trip, unless your hotel offers these jugs that you can use to refill your reusable water bottle, you'll need to stick with bottled water.

I shopped for fresh produce at the local wet markets but would always wash everything when I got home before eating it. But this is something I do absolutely anywhere in the world, not just in Vietnam.

Can you swim in the sea in Da Nang?

Yes! Kinda...

Da Nang is a little bit strict when it comes to swimming.

Some days the lifeguards will be out on the prowl and extremely strict about where you can swim and where you can't, whereas other days you're left to do as you please.

In general, if you're in the area around My Khe Beach (especially on a busy beach day), you'll most likely only be allowed to swim in the sectioned off area. That area usually only goes to chest-deep water.

If you move away from the crowded areas, you're free to swim as you please. Surfers are always exempt from these rules though.

For a not so confident swimmer, you'll probably love this but for someone like me who grew up swimming in oceans around the world, it can be a bit annoying.

Do people speak English in Da Nang?

A lot more people speak English in Vietnam than I was expecting, especially those who work in tourism.

If you hang around the touristy areas, you'll be fine with just English but if you want to do more local things, even just enjoying the delicious street food, knowing a few words and phrases will serve you well.

Vietnamese is a super tough language to learn but if you can get a hang of the numbers and identify some foods on menus, you'll be set for at least a trip. I suggest learning the basics with Mondly, a language learning app.

How Safe Is Vietnam for Tourists?

Vietnam is a big country and some places are safer than others for tourists. Compared to the 3 largest cities in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, and Da Nang, Da Nang is the safest.

This city gets its fair share of tourists, especially those from other Asian countries so in general, relies on tourism to support the local economy.

Because of this, and the fact that it's a more tranquil city than it might seem from first impressions, it's generally a safe place to visit.

Gear Up for a Safe Time in Da Nang

If you take into consideration my safety tips for your trip and keep your head on a swivel, taking normal precautions that you would anywhere in the world, you'll have a safe and wonderful time in Da Nang.

It's seriously a fantastic city that I can't recommend enough!

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