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A Guide to Start Teaching Online with GoGoKid

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*Article Update: As of January 2024, GoGoKid is no longer hiring. It's uncertain if the company will re-establish itself. I suggest looking for alternative ways to work online.

GogoKid is an online platform for teaching English to kids in China. With a salary ranging from $14-$25/hr and an incredibly flexible schedule, GogoKid can be your new breadwinner, a lucrative side hustle, or anything in between.

After I starting teaching English abroad in Budapest, I realized I needed to make a little extra income in order to live the big city life. Enter...GogoKid! If you're not sold on teaching English online, there are plenty of other ways you can make money online!

Requirements to teach with GoGoKid:

  • Native English speaker
  • A Bachelor's degree
  • Eligible to work in the U.S. or Canada (although you can be located anywhere)
  • TEFL/TESOL/similar certificate
  • A stable Internet connection (invest in an Ethernet cable!)
  • Some experience working with kids preferred (this can be flexible! Babysitting, camp counselor, tutoring, afterschool programs, etc)

Not sure if GoGoKid is your perfect match? Check out this guide of 11 other platforms to teach English online.

My friends advertised online teaching to me as “make money while speaking English in your pajamas” and well...that’s not too far from the truth.

Here are 3 reasons why I teach with GoGoKid (and you should too!):

1. It's flexible

Each class is only 25 minutes, and there is no minimum weekly hour requirement.

What’s more, you can open up a slot anywhere from 24 hours to three weeks in advance.

Whether you want to make some last minute money or want to set a solid schedule, it’s up to you! This is a job that can adapt to the changes of life, whether you get really busy, or suddenly find yourself with a lot of free time on your hands (quarantine, anyone?).  

2. It's straightforward

Since teaching is my main job, I was SO glad to hear that GogoKid provides all of the lesson materials.

Which means...no lesson planning!

Once you’ve booked a class, you can review all of the slides and read their prompts and objectives. Find some props to enhance your class and you’re good to go!

A screenshot of the online teaching platform, GoGoKid. It shows the the lesson, teacher, student and a timer.
The inside of a classroom (getting paid, even if my student doesn't show up!)

3. It's an easy setup

Although some people go all out for their classroom, it is possible to set yours up with minimal time and money.

Try hanging a colorful scarf or wallpaper for a bright background.

And as far as tech essentials go, you can pick up a headset and an ethernet cable for pretty cheap! There’s also the obvious benefits of working from home, namely that you don’t have to get all dressed up to commute to an office. You can wear a nice shirt and your pj bottoms and be good to go!

Typically, while I was working in the kindergarten in Budapest, I would just do a few classes on the lazy weekend mornings and save up for traveling on school breaks. But now that the quarantine is going strong, there’s enough time to open up a lot of slots! 

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GogoKid class structure:

Classes are 25 minutes and one-on-one with kids aged from 3-12ish. All course material is provided by the company which means NO lesson planning! You just need to get familiar with the lesson before class and bring props that help illustrate the lesson. (My favorite asset is a whiteboard--it’s cheap and can be helpful for both teaching and or a reward system.)

The Application Process:

After filling out the application (be sure you meet all of the requirements!), you can schedule an interview online. During this 30 minute mock class you’ll be able to show off your teaching skills to a GGK employee (who pretends to be a young ESL learner) and receive feedback. If successful, you’ll move onto orientation, where you’ll read/watch some materials and take a quiz. Then, you’ll do another mock class with a GGK employee and receive more feedback. If you pass, you’ll be able to sign your contract! 

An online teacher with GoGoKid sitting in her classroom on a sunny afternoon
A glimpse into my classroom

Interview Prep Tips:

Aside from qualifications such as your education and years of experience, the interview is your chance to earn a higher base pay rate. Here are a few tips! 

  • It may go without saying, but REVIEW the slides! Even though the slides give you teaching directives and tips, the interviewer will be able to tell if you’re just reading them for the first time. They’re pretty simple, which means there’s a lot of opportunity for your teaching personality to shine through.
  • Bring PROPS. Although you could technically do a lesson using only the pictures on the slides, GogoKid now basically requires some usage of props during a class. Bringing these to your interview shows that you’re serious and capable of integrating props into your lessons. 
  • Show a reward system. While the GogoKid platform has a digital rewards system, teachers are required to bring their own external system. The reward system encourages students and is a way to harness their attention throughout class. Again, this shows the interviewer that you’re able to interact with the students well and that you’ve come prepared.
  • SMILE :) Interviewers are looking to see that you’ll bring energy and positivity to the classroom. Thanks to my inner theater kid, I try to toe the line between cheerleader and Disney princess. But being forced-happy/manic isn’t the goal either. Just remember to give lots of verbal affirmation (“Good job!”) and to keep it bubbly!


GogoKid is an online teaching platform that offers flexible hours (25 minute classes and no minimum class requirement). The flexibility in scheduling opens up the door for a lucrative job that lets you put in as much or as little effort into it as you wish. Come prepared to the interview and trial process by bringing props and lots of energy. 

Teach English online and earn up to $25 per hour!

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