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Living Abroad
An Expat's Guide to Living in Brooklyn
Dream of moving to New York City? Living in Brooklyn is one of the best boroughs to choose from. See what living in Brooklyn is really like.
Living Abroad
An Expat's Guide to Living in Houston
An underrated gem in the US, Houston has been a great home abroad. See what living in Houston is really like and if you'll love it as much as I have.
Living Abroad
An Expat's Guide to Living in New York City
See what life in the Big Apple is really like for female expats. In this guide on living in New York City, you'll get all of your questions answered.

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Working Abroad
How You Can Become a Teacher on a Reservation in Arizona
This reservation hires teachers from the US and from abroad and will sponsor them a Green Card. Learn more about this unique teaching job and how to get hired.
Working Abroad
How to Work in a National Park in the US
Land the perfect seasonal job in the U.S. for people who love the outdoors. Learn how you can work in national parks across the country.

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Travel Guides
The Ultimate Western US Road Trip
Ready for an adventure? Pack your bags, get your vehicle ready to go, and let’s hit the road to explore all of the U.S. western states.
Travel Guides
Best Coffee Shops in Seattle That Aren't Starbucks
Here are 8 coffee shops to visit on your next trip to Seattle. Find the locations, websites, and descriptions of each to add to your Seattle itinerary.