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The Creatives Platform Course Review

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For years I’ve heard the same thing over and over again, “you should start a blog!” I’ve been traveling for 8 years, working as a volunteer, tour guide, yacht stew, teacher and a few more in between. The idea stuck but I had never really felt the big motivational push. Plus, I went 4 of those years without a computer. Still, it nagged at me from time to time. I knew I had something to share and knowledge other women could benefit from but it wasn’t until recently that I took it seriously.

I recently found myself with some more time on my hands and felt the draw towards the online life a bit more. That's when the idea of building A Way Abroad really started to pull at me. I hate sitting still but an ankle injury was forcing my hand just a bit. I needed something that would consume me as I rested and recovered but the more I toyed with the idea I realized I was craving something bigger than just a little hobby to hold me over until I healed.

The idea has been in my head for a while but now it’s a tangible thing.

Still, I’m a traveler and nature lover. I’m terrible with technology and am not at all motivated by spending my days in front of a screen. So, how did I go from that just a few short months ago, to this: A digital nomad who wakes up each morning ready to turn on my laptop?

THE CREATIVES PLATFORM, the educational hub for aspiring digital nomads

My husband saw one of their ads for a webinar and suggested we watch it. He’s been a digital nomad for years and was really the one who pushed me to turn this dream into a reality. For him, it was the most obvious thing for me to start a blog.

P.S. The Creatives Platform recently went through some rebranding, including a name change. You might also know them as Wired Creatives. Don't worry though, while it is a new name, it's the same great content.

We watched the webinar and immediately liked and trusted Hannah and Nate, the couple who run The Creatives Platform. They’re easy to listen to and super knowledgeable but talk on a level that isn’t overwhelming to a total novice. They convinced me. I signed up for the course about 3 minutes after the webinar was finished.

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What's Included in the Creatives Platform Course?

The course itself is huge! It took me about 4 months to finish everything but I did it very slowly. I’d only watch 1 video at a time and take the rest of the day to think about what they said and do the “homework.” When I started the course I was still juggling two jobs so I didn’t have a huge amount of time to devote to it but, I was motivated from the start. Any “free time” I had was spent on the course.

Once I quit my job to rest and heal though, it was game over. I couldn't stop thinking about The Creatives. Even when I wasn't actually watching their videos, I was thinking about them. They had a way to stick into my head and really got me thinking in overdrive. I'd get powerful ideas while washing dishes or cooking dinner. The whiteboard in our kitchen that usually was reserved for the grocery list was jammed packed full of ideas, things to try and distant goals.

I can say with complete confidence The Creatives is the reason I was able to settle down on a niche and really turn my jumbled ideas into something obtainable. The course starts you out as someone who has nothing but a sliver of an idea and takes you through branding, audience, social media, building a website and into marketing and monetization. Take a look at the course outline below.

Curriculum for Wired Creatives branding course, part 1
Curriculum part 1
Curriculum for Wired Creatives branding course, part 2
Curriculum part 2
Curriculum for Wired Creatives branding course, part 3
Curriculum part 3

Along with the course, you’ll gain access to a highly active and helpful Facebook group as well as a resource catalog and few bonus mini courses. Almost a year after I first started this course, I still go back and re-watch videos to implement more value to the site and the brand. I’m nowhere near done learning with them.

Don't just take it from me though, check out the hour-long webinar to see how you feel before committing to anything. In this webinar, you'll:

  • Learn how World Nate & Intrepid Introvert built their brands and following from zero.
  • Learn how World Nate & Intrepid Introvert quit their jobs to become full-time travel bloggers/influencers.
  • Learn how to brand yourself, partner with companies & sell products online.
  • How to Create a Brand, Gain Influence, & Build a Business you will Love.

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It’s a hell of a lot of work and something I definitely underestimated. Without them though, I would have been completely lost. They left me feeling motivated and eager after each video. My mind would be working in overdrive every time I finished a new lecture.

I’d suggest it to anyone, traveling or not, that’s interested in becoming their own boss. Everyone has a story to share, so why not share yours? The course can be consumed through many different lens, so you can really twist the information to fit whatever it is your passionate about.

I really only wish I would have started to build A Way Abroad sooner. Don’t make my mistake and get going on your brand today!

If you'd rather skip the webinar and jump right into it, go ahead and Enjoy a $100 discount from the $290 and get The Creative's Branding Bundle!
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You won't regret it!

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