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The 8 Best Platforms to Find Remote Work

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Here are the BEST ways to find Remote jobs.

In our current state of the world, more and more people are looking for remote work but don't know where to begin. Instead of sifting through job boards where the focus is on-site positions, I've created a list of remote work resources so you can make money from anywhere in the world!

If you're new to working remotely, don't skip on out on these steps to make the transition to work online as smooth as possible.

These sites are all geared to females looking to work in a wide range of industries but if you prefer to teach English online, check out our guide for 11 legitimate online teaching platforms.

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, meaning I get a commission for successful recruits at no extra cost to you.

1. FlexJobs

🌍 Global

FlexJobs is hands down my #TopTip for finding remote work!

FJ is a subscription-based platform that has global, remote, and telecommute positions. I know it sounds backward, "You want me to pay to find a job?" Well, I can tell you I’ve been using FlexJobs for two years and I swear by it.

Full and part-time jobs are posted daily and you can find roles ranging from social media work, marketing, web development, graphic design, copywriting, transcription, online teaching, customer service, and the list is endless.

Your membership also includes discounts for companies like Audible, WeWork, TurboTax, and more. It is $14.95 Monthly/$49.95 Annually. By adding the promo code "FLEXLIFE" at checkout, you will receive a 30% discount!

To sign up for FlexJobs , simply follow the link create an account. Upload your CV and fill out your profile with information about you and your experience. You can scroll through new listings in 50+ career categories and you will also receive a daily email with the latest job postings.

Most listings will have you apply via their own webpage but it's best to have your profile filled out completely, as you can also apply for jobs directly on the FlexJobs website. Employers also use the website to find new hires.

You can also take multiple free skills tests, found in your Dashboard, to find what type of jobs suit you best. If you receive a score of 70% or higher, employers will see this on your FlexJobs profile and it’s a great way to get noticed!

Enjoying the sea view with a morning coffee and binocularss
Starting my morning off right before a day of remote work

Although I prefer FlexJobs, there are a ton of other online job boards to broaden your search.

2. Girl Gaze

🌍 Global

An innovator in online publications, Girl Gaze is a wildly popular magazine dedicated to telling the stories of non-binary creative talent.

Girl Gaze is self described as a, “diverse, curated, global community of the best established and emerging womxn and non-binary creative talent and storytellers, representing from 50+ countries across 6 continents and all major markets.”

Now, GG has branched into an entire network for creatives to find positions with top companies and bridge the gender pay gap. If you've dreamed of working with companies like Netflix, Bustle, Vice, Nike, and more, join this platform for FREE and search Global creative job listings. 

Girl Gaze activity represents established and emerging creatives and storytellers. This includes photographers, designers, producers, creative and art directors, illustrators, artists, developers, editors, retouchers, among many more.  The come from a wide range of industries, from advertising, media, entertainment, sports, music, fashion and beauty, to consumer goods, technology and automotive, and from startups and emerging businesses to established brands and large-cap companies.

What's cool about this platform, is that it acts as a job board and portfolio.

So once you create your account you will need to upload your CV and provide as much information about yourself as you can. You want to fill out your bio, skills, experience, projects, photos of work, anything and everything you want to highlight helps to make your profile stand out. Once you’ve created your profile, make sure to be active! You can follow other “Creators,” and raise your engagement, think of it as a social media platform for opportunities. 

On Girl Gaze, you can find opportunities to work on one time projects, freelance work or even full-time job listings.

3. Creative Circle

🌎 Us and Canada

Are you the creative type? If roles like UX Design, Editor, Brand Management, or Production Artist appeal to you then Creative Circle is a great option.

This is a FREE resource that connects talent with companies throughout the US and Canada. Remote and on-site jobs are listed and can range from short term projects to salaried Full-time positions.

To begin using their platform, you'll start with a search based on your location and the type of position you're in search of.

You can browse job openings for a wide range of industries, including: production, copywriting, editing, leadership positions, marketing, motion/video, project management, design/art direction, development, account service, user experience.


4. Appen

🌍 US and Canada

I came across Appen when I was looking for remote side gigs. They offer a wide range of jobs but they are all short term or one-off projects. 

Most require no experience at all and you can do them right from your phone. The main requirement to work via Appen is that you are over 18-years old and have a high speed internet connection. It's also preferred that you have great written communication skills, web research skills and even better if you speak more than one language.

Some of the projects include: rating ads, surveys, voice recognition projects, taking photos and more. It is very straightforward and payments can even be made via PayPal!

Appen is all about flexibility and promotes users ability to set how much and when they work.

Browse projects and start making money from home today with Appen!

Working from the Delta lounge with airplane in background
The best part about working remotely is your work goes where you do

5. Upwork

🌏 Global

Upwork is dedicated to connecting freelancers and agencies with businesses. There is a wide range of skillsets and jobs people are looking for. I suggest heading to their website and browsing to see if the platform is a good fit for you.

To get started, you have to make a profile and in most cases be able to upload a portfolio. Upwork screens your profile before you're allowed to apply for jobs on their site so you have to be able to prove you can do what you say you can. All opportunities on Upwork are freelance based but make a good connection with the business who hired you and who knows, it could turn into something more.

Read more about how to get started with upwork here!

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Serious about
Location Independence
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6. Society Gal

🌏 Global

The popular Facebook group, "Society Gal - A Community for Creative Female Entrepreneurs," focuses on connections.

Here you can find a lot of women eager to collaborate, engage with other brands and platforms, helpful tips and online webinars, and it is also a welcoming space for support.

This group is extremely active, with on average 100 new posts daily.

A big focus on Society Gal is to help you grow your platforms and followings so join this group to get invited to new engagement threads aimed towards connecting you with fellow creative female entrepreneurs.

Woman working from an at home office
A peak into my at home workspace

7. Female Digital Nomads

🌏 Global

Female Digital Nomads is another Facebook group anyone can join, after answering a short questionnaire.

This is one of my favorite resources because not only are jobs posted frequently but it is also a space to ask questions, receive feedback, and support other women who are in the same boat!

It is not a job board specifically but there are often posts for long-term roles and short projects.

Check out the Facebook group, Female Digital Nomads, here.

8. Local FB Groups

🌏 Global

Facebook has a group for everything nowadays, even A Way Abroad just started one! Become a member of our community, Find A Way Abroad.

To find even more groups directed at your goals and needs, a good idea is to search for digital nomad or expat groups for your specific location. By joining these groups, you'll grow your resources when looking for jobs and might even get hired directly from the group by another expat or digital nomad in your area.

If you are in a particular field like Social Media management or Copywriting, for example, search for for group for that specifically. You'll be surprised by how many groups you'll find!

Best of luck on your remote job hunt and stay safe!

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