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B'n'Tree: A Big Tip for Sustainable Travel

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Love traveling? But concerned about your carbon footprint?

Now you can help the environment every time you go somewhere. And what’s even better is you won't have to pay a cent! This is definitely one the easy ways to go green.

A tree-planting organization B'n'Tree (also called Click A Tree) has teamed up with sites like Expedia, Skyscanner, and Booking.com to create a portal for travelers that plants a tree every time you use it.

Yep, it's really that simple.

Book your next flight, hotel, or rental through one of B'n'Tree's partners and we'll automatically book a tree on your behalf.

Sounds cool, right?

Trees support all life on our Earth. Without them, we would have no air to breathe and no clean water to drink. They combat climate change by removing harmful CO2 and providing shelter for innumerable rare animal species. From whale watching in Tenerife to trekking with baboons in Mozambique, trees support all species, rather directly or indirectly. They’re also one of the most beautiful sights you, as a traveler, can see.

Trees provide shelter and nourishment for many of the rarest animals on our Earth.

How Does B'n'Tree Work?

It’s simple! Head over to the B’n’Tree website and choose which provider’s listings you want to browse.

You can arrange everything you need for your travels, from flights and hotels to scooter rentals, and every time you make a booking, Click A Tree will plant a new tree at one of its reforestation sites.

Please note: Using the B’n’Tree link above will simply take you through to the travel platform’s site, where you can complete your booking as usual.

Does it cost anything?

No, there is no cost to you! The tree is paid for from the marketing budget of the travel platform, instead of being invested in TV spots or Google Ads.

Your booking doesn’t even have to be for a long journey. Reserving a room to crash in after a concert plants a tree. Booking a special activity to enjoy with your grandmother plants a tree.

Regardless of how long you travel or what you book through the project, you can rest assured that your trip will plant trees.

4 Ways that Planting Trees Makes a Difference to Travelers

Reforestation makes a very real difference on a local as well as on a global level. By planting trees because of your travels, you can help to create a better future for our planet. You can also make a real difference in people’s lives.

From protecting a rare habitat to aiding in job creation, the more trees we plant, the more nature will thank us.

You Aid in Sustainability

B’n’Tree is a great way to make your travels more sustainable. You can enjoy your trip, happy in the knowledge that your tree will continue to offset travel-generated carbon emissions long into the future.

And why stop at one tree?

By the time you have booked your flight, arranged a hotel, vehicle rental, and fun activities, you’ll have planted a small grove of trees!

Mangrove forests are natural barriers to storm surges and provide nurseries for important marine species like this nurse shark.

Protect Beautiful Places

Many of the world’s most beautiful places are threatened by deforestation.

Without mangrove forests to stop soil erosion and protect their coastlines from storms, fragile island cays would soon all but disappear.

Without trees, the rolling African savannah would be just a dried-out wasteland.

Trees are the cornerstones that support entire ecosystems, fixing the substrate, acting as water storage, and protecting people and animals.

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Preserve Amazing Diversity

Forests support more animal species than any other place on Earth. From the 7 ton elephants of the African savannah to the tiny Philippine tarsier (the world’s second-smallest primate) so many wonderful creatures rely on forests for food and shelter.

By fighting deforestation, we can help to ensure a future for all of those amazing species, especially endangered animal species whose habitats are dwindling. Maybe you will even meet some of them on your travels!

Every booking made via B’n’Tree plants a tree, which will support future generations and make our planet a better place.

Create Jobs for Local People

The countries and local communities that suffer most from deforestation are also among some of the world’s poorest. Reforestation projects like Click A Tree’s Trees for the Seas in the Philippines, employ local people, providing them with lasting livelihoods and a way to support their families. The villagers take pride in their achievements and the fact that they can return to a traditional, sustainable way of life.

In this way, the trees planted because of your travels can help give local people an opportunity to create a future without poverty.

In Summary

So you can see, by taking that one extra step when booking your next trip, you can make a big difference! Whether you are treating yourself to that amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip with that special someone or are simply hooking up with friends for a fun day out, you can help our planet by using B’n’Tree.

Free trees are better than any amount of Google Ads, don’t you think?

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