Rugby, volleyball, and tag rugby keep her busy nearly every night of the week after work. Acupuncture, the beach, and pool help her relax on days off. While Hong Kong was never on her bucket list to visit, let alone live in, she's made a nice life there in a short time with her many incredible, international friends. She reckons you can find her teaching kiddos what sound ‘A’ makes for the next five years or so before she's off to the next continent.
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Living Abroad
A Guide to Living Abroad in Hong Kong
Get advice on moving to Hong Kong, some things to know before moving, and how to settle in as an expat in Hong Kong. I've loved living here but will you?
Working Abroad
How You Can Teach English in Hong Kong
Learn the requirements and how to get hired to teach English in Hong Kong. See the pros and cons to teaching in kindergartens, private schools, and centers.
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