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Grow and Scale Your Business With Confidence: Sara Dann Course Review

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Kat Smith
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I first stumbled across Sara Dann on Instagram. I instantly loved her no-BS attitude and the confidence she radiates as a female entrepreneur. I gave her a follow and moved on, pausing to read her captions and like her pictures every time she crossed my feed.

As an entrepreneur, I try hard not to compare myself to others, especially those that have years more experience than myself. That doesn't mean I don't look up to them though and see what nuggets of wisdom I can take from them. Sara became one of those people for me. One of those accounts I could count on for the loving kick in the ass I need from time to time to shake off whatever doubts I might have floating around and go after what I want.

To be honest, I had never dug too much into her and thought she was a stereotypical business coach (I was seriously wrong) that focused on uber-expensive 1:1 coaching call. I knew that was out my financial grasp so decided not to even tempt myself.

Shortly after, she posted about her signature "Show Up + Blow Up Bootcamp," a month-long group intensive bootcamp aimed at helping female business owners gain confidence in sales and scale their growth. I saved her website and read the landing page daily for about 2 weeks.

I knew I wanted to sign up but I was worried about investing my money into myself...silly, I know.

Hours before the deadline, I took a leap of faith and joined the bootcamp. After those initial doubts, I didn't regret the purchase once.

The thing that makes Sara Dann's courses different is she makes things simple. There's honestly nothing more refreshing for someone as busy as I am, and I'm sure you are too, than getting advice from someone who believes nothing should be overcomplicated.

The premise of the bootcamp is simple as well: Show up for 30 days on your business, whether you choose Instagram, email, FB, etc., is up to you. At first, I racked my brain over what I could possibly be saying for 30 days straight but after a week of it, I became more confident and natural popping in on IG stories (my preferred method of engagement).

I gave killer content away for free, showcasing my expertise, while also talking about my 1:1 mentoring program more than I ever had. This resulted in more sales, a more engaged audience, a clearer vision of what I wanted from my business, and most importantly, a more confident me.

Sara uses a private Facebook group for members of the bootcamp to screenshot and share we all showed up each day. This gave an additional level of motivation, knowing I had to show it to others going through the same program as I. Along with this, you'll also gain access to loads, and I mean loads, of course material and bonus freebies. We also had a weekly call with Sara to ask any personal questions that popped up along the way.

Since being part of the Show Up + Blow Up Bootcamp, I've never viewed my business or myself as a business owner again. And I mean that in all the best ways possible. It really is wild how much of a difference 30 days can make when you show up and commit to the process.

Show Up + Blow Up, in my opinion, is best for beginners. It's great for helping you get over the initial hump of asking for sales and start your business on the path to growth.

If you're looking for something more intensive, I highly recommend you check out her other programs, like You're Fucking Welcome, Vision: The Mastermind, and 500k Sales System. She rotates her offers frequently so she can be present in whichever program she's currently offering.

Check out Sara Dann's website for the most up to date programs or to sign up for the waitlist of another one you're eyeing.

Don't drag your feet like I did. If you're ready to invest in your business, Sara Dann will see that your business and YOU thrive while working with her. If you're not quite ready to commit to one of her programs, join her Facebook group, Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs, for free live calls and tons of those inspirational nuggets we all love collecting.

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