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Gift Guide to Support Female Owned Businesses

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Kat Smith
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This holiday season, don’t just head to Amazon and browse the “Best Sellers.” Instead, give personalized, thoughtful gifts to all your loved ones. All while supporting female creators, artists, and entrepreneurs- talk about a win-win. 

This list is composed of 9 badass women based around the world who offer a variety of products and services, ready to make gift giving easy on you (and your wallet).

Between unique prints, digital downloads, handwoven baskets and even services like 1:1 coaching and a photography session, there's something here for even the pickiest person on your list.

Get to shopping with our Holiday Gift Guide 2020 that supports small, female-owned businesses for all the women in your life:

1. Normal Bodies

Created by:
Sophie, from the UK, now living in Da Nang, Vietnam
Cecy, from Mexico City

Shop nudes by Normal Bodies

Normal Bodies is an art project created to promote body neutrality and autonomy.

Through their Instagram page (@normalbodies_) and online store, Sophie and Cecy (the gals behind Normal Bodies) aim to create a diverse gallery of nude portraits to prove that all bodies are normal.  

Each nude portrait in the Normal Bodies gallery is hand-painted in watercolour in Mexico City and is accompanied by a caption written by the participant where they talk about their unique experience in their body.

Normal Bodies sells gorgeous prints of their unique paintings alongside an ever-growing collection of digital art and merch.

Enter the discount code NORMAL at checkout to claim 15% off your order for a limited time.

Shop Nudes!

2. Teesiwuka

Created by:
Marci, from Athens, GA, now living in Denver, CO.
Isaac, from Bolgatonga, Ghana

Shop woven goods by Teesiwuka

Teesiwuka is my shop that Marci started with her friend, Isaac, who she met online. 

He lives in the small village of Bolgatonga, Ghana where his village weaves beautiful straw baskets by hand! Each basket is different and unique. It takes 3 strands of straw to make one cord which is then dyed, dried, and ready for weaving. 

Isaac gathers baskets throughout his community and ships them directly to me where Marci puts them on her Etsy page and sends 100% of the proceeds back to the village!

The village has thrived from what little business she has brought them and it brings her such tremendous joy to know that she has helped out in a small way. Be sure to follow along with her Instagram (@marcibrenae) to see updates on the projects coming from the village. Right now, they are in the process of replacing their mud homes with cement rooms that will withstand the rainy season! 

She just put up a new shipment of goods on Etsy that includes hats, plant baskets, and dog beads all with free shipping! 

Shop woven goods!

3. Piumaneralab

Created by:
Alessia from Padua, Italy

Shop abstract calligraphy by Piumaneralab

Always passionate about art, since Alessia was a child, she spent her afternoons drawing, coloring and creating sketches of clothes. She wanted to start an artistic career, trying to become a stylist or a jewelry designer but sometimes life does not go as you imagine it!

She can't complain about what's she's done over the years but do you know when you feel incomplete and you are not doing what you were born for? Do you sometimes seem to be wasting your time, your days, your years? This thought really shocked her!

She finally got the brushes back in my hand and developed her own style, a style that she likes to define as abstract calligraphy with minimal traits, mainly in black and white tones and Japanese-inspired mixed with abstract painting made with watercolor and coloured inks.

She developed this into an artistic project called Piumaneralab.

She creates paintings on paper (soon also on canvas) bookmarks, postcards, and cards from her inspiration. She also create custom pieces on commission, which you can order by sending her a message on Instagram (@piumaneralab).

Shop abstract calligraphy!

4. In Living Color Shop

Created by:
Taylor, from the US, now living in Cape Town, South Africa

Shop Black-owned digital prints by In Living Color

As a huge fan of home décor and a recently new home buyer, Taylor wanted to create a space that was truly her own. There are hundreds of great digital art shops already out there but she always felt like she would like this or that if it had a different font, or shape, or color.

These thoughts led her to create her own Etsy shop, In Living Color. You can also get a sneak peak of her prints plus her favorite inspirational quotes on Instagram (@inlivingcolorshop).

Browse over 50 unique prints, that are all available for instant download. These prints are all optimized for you to print them quickly and easily at your local print shop.

Shop Black-owned digital prints

5. Shutter Smile Photography

Created by:
Alex, from Russia, now living in Saigon, Vietnam
Koda, from South Africa, now living in Saigon, Vietnam

Shop photography sessions by Shutter Smile

Shutter Smile- photos by Alex is a freelancing photography and videography company in Saigon, Vietnam run by Alex and partner Koda.

Alex has been doing photography for a few years and always wanted to do it professionally. So, in 2019 they launched Shutter Smile and have had a great response from locals and ex-pats around Saigon. They have worked with a few hotels and restaurants taking photos of their food and drinks as well as making promotional videos for them. 

Their videography is focused on marketing hotels, restaurants, as well as other businesses, and their photography focuses on portraits.  

To easily gift this to all your buddies in Saigon, contact Alex on Instagram (@shutter_smile) to purchase gift vouchers. Vouchers are valid for 2 months after purchase.

Shop photo sessions!

6. 1:1 Clarity Coaching Session with Lauren Bonheim

Created by:
Lauren, from New York, now living in Madrid, Spain

Shop clarity through coaching with Lauren

Give the gift of personal growth this holiday season and support your loved ones in transforming their lives for the better. In this 90-minute clarity coaching session, we will dive deep to uncover strengths, values, and passions, explore new habits, thought-patterns, and routines, and co-create a purposeful plan for the year ahead.

Lauren Bonheim is a Certified Life Coach, avid traveler, and serial expat from New York who currently lives in Madrid, Spain. She’s passionate about helping others pursue big dreams and truly believes that clarity is the key to living a life you love.

You can catch some mini-trainings and get a peak at expat life in Madrid on Instagram (@laurenonlocation).

Regular Price: $250
Holiday Offer: $99
*Offer price expires December 31st, 2020

Shop clarity through coaching!

7. LaRose Illustrations

Created by:
Madison, from Rhode Island, U.S., now living in Edinburgh, Scotland

A collage of hand crafted gifts by LaRose Illustrations, including hand painted wooden ornaments and personalized pet portraits
Shop pet portraits and holiday ornaments by LaRose Illustrations

As an illustrator, Madison enjoys creating whimsical, fun, and imaginative scenes with an emphasis on storytelling. Her pieces are developed digitally or painted with gouache and color-pencil letting my intuition guide the process.

Madison he has two unique holiday offers: custom pet portraits and hand-painted Christmas ornaments.

For a pet illustration, it's simple, just send her a photo of your pet, and she will work with you to create a custom pet portrait!  You will discuss ideas, and sketches before moving on to the final illustration. If you are looking for portrait that is playful and shows your pets personality you have come to the right place!

The hand-painted ornaments can make the perfect gift or a wonderful additional to your Christmas tree this year. Each are painted with acrylic, and sprayed with a matte varnish for protection. Packaged in a reusable cardboard jewelry case with love and care.

If any designs on my shop are sold out, contact me through my email and I can repaint the design. Because each are handmade there will be slight variations with each one. Custom ornaments are also available

Shop pet portraits and holiday ornaments!

8. Adventure Almanac Travel Journal

Created by:
Elisa, from New York, now living in Florida, U.S.

Shop the Adventure Almanac travel journal

The Adventure Almanac, Latina owned, is the perfect travel journal to document all of your memorable moments while exploring the world.

The 6x9 softcover notebook comes in 7 colors, with ample space to document 50 trips.

I created this journal, because every time I travelled I promised myself I would create a scrapbook when I got home to document all of the memorable places I visited/people I met, etc. But, every time I came home from a trip, life would happen and I would forget to document the memories.

This journal is small enough to fit in a handbag or suit case so that you can bring it with you on your adventures and document your trip while you are experiencing it!

Shop travel journals on Amazon

Shop customized travel journals on Etsy

9. Personalized Travel Art by A Way Abroad

Created by:
Kat, A Way Abroad's founder, from Atlanta, GA, now living in Da Nang, Vietnam

Shop personalized travel art by A Way Abroad

For this holiday season, give personalized, travel-inspired art to all your favorite travel buddies. Whether it's to reminisce on a place you traveled together or a place you dream of going, the location and the memories are up to you.

The only catch, since they are all personalized, I'm only taking 50 orders to ensure you receive them all in time for the holidays.

Using the A Way Abroad vector art style, created last year for our anniversary, join our tribe and get a personalized digital download pack.

The pack will include 3 digital files:
*1 suitable for a phone wallpaper
*1 postcard size (4''x6'')
*1 poster size (8''x10'')

The wallpaper will be ready for you to save on your phone ASAP. The other two files are ready for you to print at any local printing shop to adorn your walls. 

It's easy! All you have to do is upload two pictures at check-out:

1. Send a picture of your favorite place for the background
2. Send a picture of the woman you want to be represented

And voila! Leave the rest up to me to create something special for your loved ones (or yourself) this holiday season!

Shop personalized travel girl art!

Happy shopping to you! 

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